The Patent Office of the European Union (EU) has reportedly rejected Andrea Rossi’s patent application for his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) process. The ecatnews blog has posted a letter from the EU Patent Office to Rossi that Rossi’s patent does not meet the requirements of the European Patent Convention.

It should be noted here that this letter does not indicate the patent office has passed any sort of judgment on Rossi’s device or the science or technology behind it. Instead it simply states that he did not meet the requirements but does not say what the requirements all. Therefore the real reason for the rejection could be a legal technicality or deficiencies in technology.

It is too early to see if this is a setback for Rossi and his Leonardo Corporation because we know too few details about the rejection. It is likely that all Rossi will have to do is have his lawyers put in another application or re-file some paperwork. On his blog Rossi has stated that his lawyers are working on the issue. It should also be noted that Rossi can simply re-file his patent application at any time. If he produces an actual working LENR device the office will have no choice but to grant a patent unless somebody else can prove that Rossi has infringed on his or her patent.

Rossi has a US patent application in the works. There are rumors that it has been rejected but no evidence to back them up. Rossi does have an Italian patent for ecat. Interestingly enough the US patent office is apparently changing its mind about cold fusion. The office has granted a patent on a low energy nuclear reaction device to Dr.  George Miley. NASA has an application for a similar process and Brillouin reportedly has a Chinese patent for its LENR boiler technology.

It should also be noted here that holding a patent does not always help a person commercializing a new technology. Henry Ford did not have patent on the automobile in fact he was sued by shysters claiming they had a patent. They did not. Steve Jobs did not have a patent on the personal computer or the cell phone or the music player. Both of them became billionaires commercializing those technologies.

Henry Ford did not have a patent on the automobile but his name is synonymous with it.

Having a patent can help but not always some major inventors have held patents but made no money. Edison died with little or no money because others successfully duplicated and commercialized his technologies. Edison spent the last part of his life fighting to enforce his patent rights at one point he even hired armed thugs to terrorize movie production companies that were using European made cameras that violated his patents. Edison failed miserably because the producers simply moved their efforts to Hollywood on the West Coast where the local authorities protected them.

This news is interesting but it is not necessarily a major setback for Rossi. The real thing holding Rossi back is his inability to exhibit successful hot ecat reactions not lack of a patent.

Sorry for any delay in reporting news but I’ve been on vacation for two weeks. I’m back now and I’ll flood the blog with news.