Andrea Rossi has made a few details about future e-cat production and his deal with an unknown entity in the United States available in posts at his blog. Although he seems to be avoiding the media, Dr. Rossi does seem to answer questions there but he often does it in a vague but very genteel manner. Although he’s accommodating he has not provided much information.

It will take about two years until you see this for sale at your local Wal-Mart

Rossi described what he calls his USA partner as a “team of enlightened people that wants to put this technology at the service of mankind, due to their cultural roots.” The partner will make the technology available in the widest possible way.

This indicates a partner with a lot of resources that has little interest in a profit motive. That could be the US military with which Rossi has worked in the past. He has had US Army contracts for some of his past inventions. Just a thought, it could be anybody because everybody claims to be working for the common good, even evil men like Khadafi.

Rossi is currently exclusively focused on the construction of the 1 megawatt device. This would provide enough power to run a small factory or similar industrial installation such as a cement plant. It could also provide power to office buildings, hospitals, schools, large homes and perhaps small ships.

Rossi Demonstrates e-cat for other scientists in Bologna, Italy.

The 1 megawatt e-cat units should be available for commercial lease in November. They will be unveiled to the public and scientists in October. This would seem to indicate that industrial production of the e-cat has begun or is about to begin.


Rossi and his partners presumably AmpEnergo have organized what he calls a “dense chain of supply.” He said larger units including a 2 megawatt e-cat will be built and made available as demand increases.

An energy catalyzer for household use will not be available for over a year according to Rossi. The doctor did say that he is planning on using the e-cat for household applications but did not say what they were.

Rossi also knocked the idea that the e-cat could be suppressed or kept secret and noted that he has not faced any serious opposition. He doesn’t take the conspiracy theorists seriously and neither do I.

Something to remember here is that the posts at Rossi’s blog are translated from the Italian by Google so there could be mistakes or errors in them. If you do visit Rossi’s Blog the responses are on the bottom. Just go down and pay close attention they can be hard to spot.