The former vice president at the X research laboratory at Alphabet; the company also known as Google, is trying to fight global warming with fusion research. Mike Cassidy has launched a startup called Apollo Fusion.

“We’re working on revolutionary hybrid reactor technology with fusion power to serve safe, clean, and affordable electricity to everyone,” the company’s website states.

Mike Cassidy

Interestingly enough the website does not say whether Apollo is in the cold fusion or hot fusion business. Instead it delivers cryptic statements like:

“Apollo Fusion hybrid power plants are designed for zero-consequence outcomes to loss of cooling or loss of control scenarios and they cannot melt down.”


“Apollo Fusion power plants cost less per megawatt of output and are available in configurations which are affordable for even the smallest communities.”


This sounds a great deal like the statements that low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) boosters such as Andrea Rossi have been making for years. One has to wonder if Cassidy is working Rossi and might be a customer for that inventor’s e-cat LENR device.

Like the e-cat Apollo Fusion’s mysterious unit is a modular system that can range in size from five megawatts to 1000 megawatts. Perhaps Apollo has purchased an e-cat or technology from one Rossi’s competitors such as Alexander Parkhomov or Francesco Piantelli.

Intriguingly Apollo Fusion claims to have an agreement to deliver a device to its first international customer on its website. The company also claims to have partnerships with the US Department of Energy facilities at the Idaho National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Cassidy was a vice president at Alphabet for four years has been CEO of four successful startups. Hs partner at Apollo Fusion is Ben Longmier, who has a PhD in plasma physics and advanced degrees in nuclear engineering and physics. Longmier was the founder and CEO of Aether industries which was acquired by Apple.

Cassidy would not divulge any of Apollo’s plans or details of its technology but he did make a few statements to Bloomberg Technology. They included:

“I believe that global warming is real and I believe we are just dumping tons and tons of CO2 into our atmosphere that is heating up the globe,” Cassidy said. “Environmentalists have struggled for a while over whether nuclear power is good or bad. I think most of the more thoughtful environmentalists now view nuclear as good. If you can find a way to do nuclear power that doesn’t have the downsides, the risky, runaway meltdowns, or things like that, it’s a real win for the planet.”

He called his device a subcritical hybrid reactor that will not achieve a sustained nuclear reaction. Cassidy did not say who is financing Apollo Fusion but admitted it was not Alphabet founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, although he claimed they are enthusiastic about his technology.

It looks as if there is another player in the fusion game. Hopefully, Cassidy will come out and reveal some more details of his technology. This is good news because the world needs all the alternative energy research that can be funded right now.