The effects of climate change might be worse than we thought. There is some evidence that sea levels might be rising twice as fast we thought.

Scientists don’t know how much the seas are really rising because tide gauges were installed in the wrong places, a paper in the journal Geophysical Research claims. The current estimates are that seas are rising around 1.5 to 1.8 millimeters a year, enough to flood major cities like New York and London.

The new theory is that the current monitoring of tide levels is centered on the North Atlantic. That gives us a poor picture of ocean levels because it ignores the much larger Pacific and other oceans.

If the claims are true, sea levels are actually rising by around three millimeters a year. That means flooding would be worse, instead of just New York flooding rising waters might reach all the way to Albany or farther. It might even turn the Hudson into a bay of the Atlantic.

Elon Musk wants to be Your Roofer

One person who has taken notice of this is Elon Musk. In addition to his plans to colonize Mars, Musk has gone into the roofing business. On October 28, he unveiled a roofing tile that is actually a miniature solar panel. Roofs made of the tiles function like a solar electric system. The tiles called Solar Roof look like normal roofing materials.

Musk also unveiled an updated version of his Powerwall 2 which has double the capacity of the old models. Elon’s plan is apparently to give every middle class family an electric car, a Powerwall and a Solar Roof in an attempt to reduce greenhouse gases by replacing fossil fuels with solar.

If the latest claims about the rising oceans are true, Musk and the various fusion inventors had better start working harder. The world is going to need to do far more to reduce carbon emissions and soon.

We are also going to have to invest far more in research into alternatives including hot and cold fusion. The world needs more people like Musk and Bill Gates who are willing to put their money and reputations on the line to create alternatives to fossil fuels. If we don’t a lot of innocent people are going to suffer.