The E-Cat World website is reporting that Defkalion Green Technologies which is developing a low energy nuclear reaction device called the Hyperion could be thinking of leaving Greece. Unfortunately there is no direct evidence of just story just E-Cat World’s interpretation of a post on a Greek LENR forum.

The post seems to indicate that Defkalion was having a hard time finding investors because of the current economic and political situation in Greece. Investors understandably didn’t want to invest money in a company located in a country currently undergoing through incredible turmoil. The post also stated that Defkalion has not gotten enough official support from the Greek government.

The post states that Defkalion has received what it calls favorable proposals from Australia, Switzerland and Canada. It didn’t say if Defkalion would move all of its operations to one of those companies or simply locate another facility there.  The post did not mention any specific locations in those countries where Defkalion plans to move its operations.

Defkalion's Facility in Xanthi Greece

If it is true this would be rather surprising news given Defkalion’s recent activities. It has posted advertisements for 20 jobs online and opened a rather impressive research facility in Xanthi Greece. It has also revealed its plans to build factories in Xanthi. The company has also announced plans to license the Hyperion device around the world.

It looked like Defkalion actually had the money to complete its LENR work and the resources to license it. Perhaps they do not or they have run out of money.

An intriguing possibility could be that Defkalion has been sold. Perhaps it has been bought by somebody that wants to move it to a larger country.  Hopefully this will not interfere in Defkalion’s testing and its plans to unveil its technology to the future.

Hopefully somebody from Defkalion will come out and verify or deny this story so we can find out what’s really going on here. If Defkalion is moving I hope it moves to Canada which is my mother’s homeland and one of the nicest countries in the world. Canada’s proximity to the US could make it easier for the US to adopt this technology.  There’s also a lot more money in Canada than Greece and a stable political system.

Unfortunately I couldn’t post the original post here because it was written in Greek, a language that I don’t speak. If there are any Greek speakers out there maybe they could take a look at it and see if E-Cat World’s claims are true or not.