The United States Air Force (USAF) may have tested a drone space plane powered by Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR). The X-37B a robot space plane landed at the Vandenberg Air Force Base (the USAF’s space center) on Saturday June 16 after 15 months in orbit.

The Air Force brass refused to reveal any details about the plane or its’ mission, although Vandenberg’s public relations department did release a video of its landing. There has been a lot of media speculation about the X-37B, the media thinks it might be a replacement for the space shuttle or a prototype space fighter. A more likely possibility is that it is a next generation attack drone or spy plane.

The most interesting aspect of this story wasn’t caught by the media. The X-37B landing occurred just a couple of weeks after two NASA scientists Dennis Bushnell and Joe Zawodny revealed that they were working on an LENR powered space plane. Zawodny mentioned that he’s working on the plane with a contractor even though NASA communication revealed last week indicate that there is no such project at the Langley Research Center where Zawodny works. That could mean that Zawodny is also working with the Air Force. The Air Force and NASA work closely together – most astronauts are Air Force officers.

A NASA video of Zawodny even featured animation of a space plane that looks suspiciously like the X-37B. A picture of two space planes similar to the one that landed on Saturday appeared in a blog post about LENR written by Bushnell.

This doesn’t look like a coincidence folks. NASA and the Air Force are up to something. There’s no evidence there was an LENR device on the space plane. Yet Bushnell and Zawodny’s revelations coming so close to the landing doesn’t seem to be a coincidence.

The X-35B on the ground at Vandenberg notice the technicians in protective suits examining it.

Something else we should note is that some pictures of the X-37B space plane on the ground show technicians in what look like radiation suits inspecting it. That could mean that the Air Force thinks there could be radiation from it. One possibility is that the Air Force didn’t want to panic the public by saying they had a nuclear device in orbit.

An MSNBC story about the X-35B revealed that it was built by NASA in 2004 then passed onto the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). There have been internet rumors that DARPA is interested in cold fusion and in Andrea Rossi’s ecat device. An unsubstantiated rumor even claimed that DARPA had purchased Rossi’s 1 Megawatt Ecat generator last year. The X-35B was was passed onto the Air Force after spending sometime in DARPA’s hands.

If NASA and the Air Force really have such a device don’t expect it to stay secret for long. My guess is that they’ll quickly reveal it to the public. Something else the X-37B was apparently built by Boeing. Boeing’s business is building airliners so LENR powered space plane airliners could be flying our skies and perhaps taking us to the moon in the near future.

It looks like we live in interesting and exciting times folks. I wonder what NASA’s going to spring on us next.