An Italian company named SRL Prometeon has apparently purchased the license for the ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology in Italy. It is hard to see what this company has purchased because Andrea Rossi hasn’t revealed commercial devices.

Aldo Proia and Andrea Rossi with the 1 megawatt ecat courtesy Prometeon

Prometeon’s managing director Aldo Proia talked to Italian Journalist and blogger Luciano Saporito and did reveal a little about the technology. He made a number of interesting points but provided no proof for any of them. Some of the most interesting things Signor Proia said about e-cat include:

  • A device that can generate heats of up to 120 degrees Celsius (248 degrees Fahrenheit) is available right now. This is apparently Rossi’s one megawatt ecat water heater which he has been selling for quite some time.


  • The current device has a coefficient of power (COP) of six. That means that it can generate six times as much energy than is fed into it.


  • The COP of Six is apparently guaranteed by the contract that ecat purchasers sign.


  • The device runs on electricity but Rossi is developing a gas powered device. There will also be an ecat that can run on both gas or electricity.


  • Rossi is working on a hot e-cat that can generate temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius. Leaked data states the hot ecat can operate at higher temperatures. Rossi himself has said he that he will unveil or at least test this device in February 2013.


  • One megawatt ecat units will be sold and installed in Italy sometime in 2013. Proia didn’t say where they would be installed or who bought them.

  • Proia’s effort is entirely private but he has apparently tried to interest the Italian government in the ecat. He wants to use it for the heating of public buildings.


  • The ecat could reduce energy usage of buildings by 5/6 Proia provided no data to verify this claim.


  • It will be possible to upgrade first generation ecats to hot ecats that have a higher COP by exchanging cartridges. The cartridges charge the ecat with nickel hydrogen solution which produces the reaction. Proia apparently thinks it will be possible to create a more powerful or hotter reaction by switching out the cartridges.


These claims are rather interesting. Mr. Proia obviously thinks the ecat is for real and that he will be able to profit from it. He didn’t say whether he would sell ecat beyond Italy. Prometon has a website but no English language version of it is available yet. I was able to gather a few details from a Google Translation of the site. Proia will apparently sell the ecat units in Italy.

Prometeon brochure for the 1 megawatt ecat

Prometon’s website shows a picture of an ecat used to generate 25 megawatts of electricity. The same page states that the electrical generator will not be available until Summer 2013. It also states that the ecat electrical generator will be self-sustaining and capable of independent operation. The site did not say how the ecat would generate electricity. It would presumably make steam for a turbine that would make the electricity. This device might be capable of generating 100% of the energy needed to generate electricity. There is also a product warranty guaranteed by Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation.

You can order the industrial ecat with a one third down payment. The site also says an ecat can be installed in one to two business days. It would be interesting to see where such an ecat has been installed at this time. It would also be interesting if researchers such as those at the University of Missouri were to order an ecat and open it up.

It is hard to see what exactly Proia is selling here since there is no evidence that a working one megawatt ecat has been produced or delivered. One would imagine that if such a device was out there evidence about it would have leaked. Like Andrea Rossi Signor Proia needs to start verifying some of his claims if we want to take him seriously.