The current situation in Japan demonstrates why the world needs new sources of electricity such as energy catalyzers that do not depend upon a central power grid. The Epoch Times is reporting that many factories in Japan are being forced to shut down because they do not have electricity to run their machinery.

Japanese industry is being crippled by electricity shortages because the country’s electric grid simply cannot produce enough power for its needs. Japan’s power grid lost about 15% of its capacity when the March 11 Tsunami, knocked out the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

The electricity shortages have hit the auto industry hard according to Epoch. Nissan is having 5,000 people work on weekends because that is the only time power will be available. Some American auto plants have had to shut down and lay off workers because they cannot get parts from Japan. The factories that make the parts do have not electricity to operate. There have also been reports of shortages of some models of Japanese cars in the US.

Japan is facing a long term shortage of electricity and an 18% increase in electric rates because of the Tsunami. That will make it hard for Japanese industry to compete and increase the cost of products.

The long term solution to this situation is to give factories the capability to generate their own electricity. This can be done by deploying devices like the energy catalyzer. Factories that are dependent on the grid will be self sufficient and more profitable.

Recent events in Japan prove that there will be a huge market for the energy catalyzer all over the world in coming years. New sources of electricity are needed and cold fusion could be one of those sources.