Brian Josephson

Nobel Prize winning physicist and retired Cambridge professor Brian Josephson has apparently met with Andrea Rossi the inventor of the ecat low energy nuclear reaction device. The E-cat World blog has posted what is apparently a letter from Josephson.

Josephson who has been an outspoken supporter of Rossi and cold fusion was apparently in Miami recently. So he looked up Rossi who lives in Miami Beach and sat down with him. Josephson’s observations about Rossi and his work are rather interesting.

The most interesting revelation is that Rossi is capable of generating temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius with the ecat. If true this would mean the ecat is now capable of generating the kind of steam needed for the generation of electricity and to power vehicles. It should be noted that Josephson did not actually see the device in operation so there’s way to confirm this.

In his letter Jospehson described Rossi’s grasp of the scientific process and experimentation as limited. He noted it was similar to that a child in school rather than a scientist.

Josepshon also described Rossi as paranoid about people wanting to steal his ideas. Given Rossi’s past experience a certain level of paranoia from the man is understandable. Josephson also believes that Rossi’s fears about other experimenters such as Celani are unfounded.

It’s interesting to see what an established scientist thinks of Rossi and his work. Hopefully Dr. Josephson will be able to go to Bologna and see the ecat itself and Rossi’s work in person soon. That way we could get a better picture of what is actually going on.

Public Invited to See Cold Fusion at MIT

Some cold fusion researchers seem to be a little more open than Rossi. Dr. Peter Hagelstein has invited the public to see the Jet Energy NANOR device which is apparently up and running at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Hagelstein reportedly told attendees at the Atom Unexplored Conference that the device has been running since January and that the public can see. Hopefully some of those who come will be venture capitalists interested in commercializing LENR.

Peter L. Hagelstein

Hagelstein didn’t say how the public could contact him or arrange a visit.  If you’re in the Boston area or the East Coast it might be worth a look. At least one Ecat world reader took Hagelstein up on the offer and even videotaped the device. Unfortunately this person will need the permission of the device’s creator Mitchell Swartz who seems to be as paranoid about intellectual property theft as Andrea Rossi. So the video isn’t online yet.

Hopefully some LENR inventors will lift this veil of secrecy and let us see what they’re developing. If they don’t there’s no way they’ll ever get the venture capital they need for commercialization.