At least three major conferences on low energy nuclear reaction technology are planned for the next few weeks. Planned events include:

NIWeek 2012

Some major low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) researchers will be taking part in a panel discussion at National Instruments corporate conference NIWeek 2012 to be held this week in Austin Texas. National Instruments has demonstrated a strong interest in LENR which it euphemistically calls Anomalous Heat Effect (A.K.A cold fusion).

One of the events at the NIWeek will be a panel discussion featuring some of the biggest names in LENR. They include Robert Godes the President and Chief Technology Officer of Brillouin Energy Corp. Godes is the inventor of the Brillouin Boiler. The man testing the boiler at SRI International Michael McKubre will also be there. Also scheduled to appear is Robert Duncan the vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Missouri. Duncan is head of the Sydney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance at that facility.

Three previously unknown researchers (at least to me) are scheduled to be there. They are Akira Kitamura and Akito Takahashi from Japan. Takahashi is apparently associated with Technova a technology research and management company in Japan. Technova focuses on research into energy including hydrogen energy technologies.

Also scheduled to appear is Andrea Aparo who is listed as the senior advisor R&D (Research and Development) for Ansaldo Energia Spa. Ansaldo Energia Spa’s website states the company is Italy’s leading producer of thermoelectric power plants. It has apparently built plants that have generated 170,000 megwatts of electricity in 90 countries. That means a company with extensive experience in building electric power plants thinks that LENR is for real and is looking into harnessing it.

So it looks like major corporations are getting interested in LENR. That means commercialization of this technology could be closer than we think.

Bigger Conference Scheduled for Korea

NIWeek isn’t the only major cold fusion event coming up. This month The 17th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF17) is scheduled for August 12-17 in Daejon, South Korea.

Major LENR players including Michael McKubre, Francesco Piantelli, Peter Hagelstein of MIT, Mitchell Swartz of Jet Energy and Francesco Celani are supposed to speak there. The University of Missouri will be represented but not by Robert Duncan. Instead the program states that another researcher named Eric Daniel Lukosi is scheduled to speak. A Goergy Miley is on the program as well that could be a misspelling of George Miley. This is a tentative program so there could be other big names added at the last minute.

Interestingly enough neither Defkalion or Brillouin is on the program posted online. Although McKubre could be representing Brillouin There has been speculation that these companies could reveal information about their LENR devices at this event.

Rossi to Headline Swiss Event

Andrea Rossi and unidentified guests in Bologna last year

Nobody representing Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation is on the agenda. Instead Rossi will be representing Leonardo will make a presentation about the company’s ecat technology at a conference in Zurich, Switzerland, on September 8 and 9. The conference is apparently sponsored by a company called TransAltec, and two new entities E-cat Switzerland and E-cat Germany. The conference itself is called Energy Change with E-cat Technology. That means Rossi could reveal some details of technology there. Hopefully he’ll prevent some evidence to back up some of his claims.