The media is finally beginning to pay attention to Andrea Rossi and the e-cat. The Mail one of the largest and most important newspapers in the UK and the world published an article about Rossi and his cold fusion device on Saturday November 4 one week after Rossi demonstrated and sold it in Bologna.

1 MW E-cat under construction Courtesy e-cat news

In the article writer Martin Robinson gives a fairly sympathetic portrayal of Rossi and his claims. He also notes that the physics establishment, the US Patent Office and the US Department of Energy believe Rossi’s claims defy the laws of physics. Unfortunately Robinson seems to ignore all the speculation that the US military is interested in e-cat and the well known fact that the US Navy is researching cold fusion. He also ignores established scientists who believe in Cold Fusion. Robinson’s account is fairly brief hopefully more is coming.

The US website MSNBC (operated in conjunction with the Left Wing cable news network) posted the best article yet to appear in the mainstream media at least in the English-speaking world. The article by Natalie Wolchover of the Life’s Little Mystery blog that states Rossi has tested a cold fusion machine. She gives the mistaken impression that energy from e-cat can be converted directly into electricity and doesn’t mention steam yet she does do a good job.

Unlike most media types, Wolchover did interview an authentic cold fusion expert Peter Hagelstein part of Cold Fusion Energy Inc (a consortium of physicists and others working on the process). Hagelstein, a principal investigator in the Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT; noted told Wolchover that the e-cat is similar to other cold fusion experiments but did not elaborate. He also recommended that Rossi’s claims be taken seriously until they are disproved.

The media it seems is finally waking up to e-cat and other cold fusion devices. It should be noted here that this is not the first time the media has ignored a major scientific and technical breakthrough even when it was obvious. Nobel Prize winning physicist and retired Cambridge Professor Brian Josephson noted that the media ignorance of e-cat mirrored the way reporters ignored the Wright Brothers airplane experiments.

In their excellent account of the airplane’s invention Kill Devil Hill: Discovering the Secret of the Wright Brothers authors Harry Combs and Martin Caidin noted that even Orville and Wilbur’s hometown newspaper; The Dayton Journal, ignored the fact they had invented a working airplane. Even though the brothers made hundreds of airplane flights in a open field that could be seen from a commuter rail line that hundreds of people rode everyday. The Journal only reported on the brothers’ activities when its readers complained the journalists were ignoring obvious news.

Even when reporters wrote about the Wright Brothers’ work, they got the facts wrong often reporting the bicycle mechanics had built an airship (a blimp or dirigible) and not an airplane. It was not until nearly five years after the first airplane flight that the media started paying attention. Then it took public flights in France to make the press see what an incredible invention the brothers had created.

So don’t expect much attention from the media until Rossi or some other inventor starts selling a working cold fusion device. Then when that happens there will be some attention. Many reporters by then will be claiming they were covering the story all along.