More rumors about the fate and future of Defkalion Green Technologies the Greek company that claims to be developing a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device similar to Andrea Rossi’s ecat are circulating. None of these rumors can be confirmed and there is nothing about them at Defkalion’s website.

Vancouver could be Defkalion's New Home if rumors are true

The latest rumor is that the company is for sale. The rumor doesn’t say to whom only that it is for sale. It’s unclear whether the company itself or its’ Hyperion LENR technology are what is for sale. These rumors could be a misreading of Defaklion’s plans to license its technology.

This poor translation of a blog post claims that Defkalion is for sale. It is not clear whether the company has been sold or is seeking a buyer.  Last week there were rumors that Defkalion’s management team is thinking of leaving Greece because it’s having a difficult time attracting foreign investment. Defkalion itself has not confirmed these rumors. Sterling Allen of Pure Energy Systems is speculating that Defkalion will move to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, but he isn’t providing any elaboration. Sterling does have some contacts at Defkalion so this could be true.

It is not clear whether Defkalion will move all of its operations or simply open an office in Canada. One interesting possibility is that the company could incorporate in Canada so it can issue stock there. There is an office of the TMX Venture Exchange which is a well known venue for small cap stocks in that city.

Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada and the largest city in Western Canada. Its location is close to Seattle. Vancouver is not to be confused with Vancouver, Washington, which located across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon in the United States.

Aerial View of Vancouver

Defkalion’s move to Canada would probably be a good thing because it would be in a better position to get financing and to introduce its technology to the United States. Unfortunately such a move could set its research work back.

Hopefully Defkalion will make an announcement soon and clear up these rumors. If they continue to circulate they’ll hurt its efforts to license its technology.