Craig Cassarino is one of the Partners in AmpEnergo

More details about energy catalyzer inventor Andrea Rossi’s deal with America’s AmpEnergo have been made public. One of the men behind AmpEnergo made the details available in an interview with Sweden’s Ny Teknik magazine.


Craig Cassarino did not reveal what plans his company has for the e-cat cold fusion device. He simply said told Ny Teknik reporter Mats Lewan that his company had paid Andrea Rossi’s American company the Leonardo Corporation, an undisclosed amount for the rights to market the technology in the Americas. Under the deal AmpEnergo would receive royalties on all the e-cats sold in the US, Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America.


Cassarino also said AmpEnergo is in negotiation with large companies in North and South America about the energy catalyzer and its use. He did not say what companies were involved or what proposals were being made. He also talked about strategic partnerships between AmpEnergo and other companies.


The first product marketed by AmpEnergo would be a one kilowatt generator similar to the one Defkalion is planning to manufacture in Greece, Cassarino said. The first units sold would be manufactured by Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation in Italy. He also said that AmpEnergo would not develop the energy catalyzer as a home heating device like Defkalion is doing. No specifics about AmpEnergo’s marketing of the devices were provided.


One of the customers AmpEnergo could be in discussion with is the US military. Cassarino stated a company wanted to develop e-cat as an energy source so trucks would not be needed to deliver fuel to the battle field. He also said that the same company wanted to use e-cat to power spacecraft.


In his article Lewan noted that two of the AmpEnergo partners are involved in Leonardo Technologies Inc., a Bannock, Ohio, company founded by Rossi. Leonardo Technologies Inc. has been awarded contracts worth several million dollars by the US Defense Department. The Defense Department’s website shows that the company did win the contracts but the nature of the contracts was apparently classified.


Cassarino’s role in AmpEnergo is unclear. Ny Teknik described him as the Vice President of AmpEnergo and noted that he is one of several individuals involved in the venture. Other names mentioned as being involved in AmpEnergo include Robert Noceti, Karl Norwood and Robert Gentile. Ny Teknik listed Norwood as the President of AmpEnergo and Cassarino, Noceti, and Gentile as “founders and mainshareholders.” It also listed Robert Engelman as a “minority shareholder. Since AmpEnergo is a private corporation it does not have to reveal details of its operations to the public under US law.


Robert H. Gentile did serve as Assistant Secretary of Energy for Fossil Fuels in the George H. W. Bush administration in the early 1990s. He also served as director of the office of surface mining in the US Interior Department before taking that job.


The only thing posted at AmpEnergo’s website is a June 27, press release that mentions the deal with Rossi. The website does not say who is involved in AmpEnergo or list any details about it.


Cassarino also said that there have been at least three demonstrations of the energy catalyzer in the United States. He said the demonstrations were private but that scientists were present and examined the device. Cassarino also stated that a scientist from the National Laboratories in the US had examined the energy catalyzer and Rossi’s factory in Bologna on behalf of AmpEnergo.