The mysterious low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device known as the ECCO is missing in action (MIA). When Bob Greenyer and Dr. George Egely of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project (MFMP) journeyed to Mumbai, India, to see ECCO’s inventor, Suhas Ralkar but the device iteself was nowhere to be seen.

“Essentially we have tried everything with a view to ensuring that we saw the reactor,” Greenyer said on YouTube. “We asked Suhas to offer the guy that was hosting it, via SMS or his friend who knew him, four hundred dollars cash to bring the reactor the lab.”

The two were able to get access to Ralkar’s lab but were not to see the ECCO. The ECCO itself was missing but they were able to get access to lab, an earlier video revealed. Ralkar moved the ECCO because the bank had apparently foreclosed on his lab and tried to seize his equipment.

Bob Greenyer and Dr. George Egley in India

The two were able to gather a large number of samples of material from the lab that provided some evidence of LENR. Unfortunately they were never actually to see the LENR device called the ECCO.

ECCO LENR device Missing in Action

Ralkar claimed not to know the address of ECCO’s location, a very frustrated Greenyer complained. The two wanted to take the reactor to a lab and test it, but never saw it. They waited all day on September 11 to see the device but never saw it. Instead this happened late Monday night.

“At nine o’clock just past nine o’clock we got an email that said due to unfavorable comments on ecat world he was not going to support a test of his reactor,” Greenyer said. “This was frankly ridiculous. He was literally repeatedly saying this was going to happen.”

Greenyer and Egley were pissed off because members of the MFMP had raised the money to test the device. They then flew from Europe to India to see Ecco and never actually saw it. Instead Ralkar, like Andrea Rossi, hid the device from the testers, because his son did not want him to share the technology with anybody else.

That sounds like Ralkar and his son got a better deal: probably from a deep-pocketed investor such as a hedge fund, or possibly Tom Darden of Industrial Heat. Darden was willing to invest big money in Rossi’s ecat.

Greenyer claimed that samples of nickel foil and an iron rod that Ralkar provided showed signs of transmutation. Greenyer and Egely think that samples of ash Ralkar provided might provide evidence of LENR.

Egley admitted that there was little practical value in the data from the sample, but it was interestingly theoretically.

“It is likely that his reactor produces excess heat but we do not know,” Greenyer said.

Greenyer and Egley were pissed off because they went to a lot of trouble to raise money from the MFMP members and fly to India to see ECCO. Egley missed a family holiday and Greenyer missed his son’s first day at school for the opportunity to test the device.

Just like Andrea Rossi, Ralkar is burning his supporters and driving them away. Like Rossi, Ralkar is no conman, but he’s not a very cooperative person. With inventors like this it is easy to see why there is so much doubt in LENR. Hopefully, a more cooperative person will take the lead in the development of this fascinating technology.

The crowdfunded MFMP and Greenyer and Egley are to be congratulated on their commitment to cold fusion. Ralkar must be condemned for leading them on, then refusing to play ball with those good people.