At least three more physicists could be close to replicating Andrea Rossi’s e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device. Russian physicist Alexander G. Parkohomov who reported replicating Rossi’s hot e-cat in December made a very interesting revelation.

Alexander G. Parkohomov

After attending the 19th annual International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF 19) in Padua last week, Parkohomov made a fascinating post on this blog. The Russian revealed that Rossi’s long collaborator Giuseppe Levi is conducting his own research at the University of Bologna.

“I attended the University of Bologna at the invitation of Giuseppe Levi, one of the experts who observed the operation of the reactor Rossi in Lugano,” Parkohomov wrote. “He showed his experimental setup and organize communication on Skype with the University of Uppsala (Sweden) with other experts in Lugano, Peterrson and Bo.” Please forgive me if this is wrong, it is a Google translation.

Giuseppe Levi


That makes it sound as if Levi is trying to duplicate Rossi’s ecat work much as Parkomomov has. What’s even more exciting is that Parkohomov revealed that two Swedish scientists who also attended Rossi’s hot ecat test in Lugano, Switzerland, in October, 2014; Bo Hoistad and Roland Petterson, are also working to replicate the hot ecat.

“They showed their devices to be launched in mid-May,” Parkohomov wrote of the two men.

Bo Haistad is listed as a professor of Nuclear Physics and in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Sweden’s Uppsala University. Roland Petterson is another professor at Uppsala. Parkohomov did not mention two other Swedish physicists Hanno Essen and Lars Tegner who were also present at the Lugano test.

Parkohomov also revealed that he spoke with Andrea Rossi via Skype and that Rossi  plans to visit Russia and presumably Parkomov’s lab at Moscow’s People’s Friendship University. One hopes that Rossi will connect these researchers with Cherokee Partners CEO Tom Darden.

AT ICCF, Darden revealed that his company Industrial Heat which has purchased the rights to ecat was set up to fund LENR research. That’s exciting news because Cherokee Partners controls $2 billion in funds. Darden could give these visionary researchers the money they need to develop commercially viable LENR.

It looks as if we’re about to see ecat replicated in two more countries. One hopes that will speed up the development of LENR as a commercially viable source of heat and electricity and LENR. That could help Mr. Darden achieve his dream of pollution free energy.