Thomas Edison's original light bulb now on display at the US Patent Office in Washington DC

The Senate, the upper house of the United States Congress; just passed a new patent law that would impact future cold fusion devices and could help Andrea Rossi. The Senate passed the America Invents Act by a margin of 89 to 9.


This act would change US patent law to make it more line with patent legislation in other countries. Previously the USA was one of the few nations to have what was called a “first to invent” system in which the first person who invented something was entitled to the patent rights to it. The new system is a “first to patent” arrangement in which the first person with a valid patent has the rights.

This system could benefit Andrea Rossi who already has an Italian patent on his e-cat cold fusion device. Rossi intends to start testing an e-cat generator in the US in October and he has applied for a US patent. One has to wonder if Rossi wasn’t waiting for this legislation to bring his device to America.

Rossi will still have some problems getting a patent because he wants to keep the catalyst he uses to achieve fusion in the e-cat secret. If he applied for a patent it would be impossible to do that because the formula would have to be published with the patent. Patents are public record that anybody could access.

President Obama is expected to sign the America Invents Act quickly. He even praised it in his televised speech which he gave right after the Senate vote.