NASA the US Space Agency has released a new video that reveals a lot more about its Low Energy Nuclear Reactions research. Like the video released in January this one shows NASA scientist  Joseph M. Zawodny PhD discussing his LENR research. The video is called NASA LaRC Abundant Clean/Green Energy. Interestingly enough NASA doesn’t say what LaRC stands for.

This video is less bombastic and less stylish than the one released in January. Instead Zawodny simply gives a very basic physics lesson and tries to avoid any thing controversial. The video was produced by the NASA Langley Research Center’s Innovation Fund. This time out Zawodny’s performance seems rehearsed and it sounds as if his remarks have been cleared by his superiors. He seems to deliberately avoid terms like cold fusion and low energy nuclear reaction.

“I’m working on a form of power that’s very clean and very scalable,” Zawodny said.

“What we’re trying to do is a physics experiment to understand whether the Widom Larsen Theory and its predictions are at least in part correct,” Zawodny said. The experiment involves a test device Zawodny called a tile. The device is about the size of a smart phone and it looked a little solar cell to me. The tiles are placed in a square and used to measure the results.

“The interpretation of the data is much more direct, Zawodny said. He is trying to get data to confirm the Widom Larsen Theory. He said he wanted to avoid the criticisms leveled against previous experiments are not valid here because he has data to verify it. This sounds like a potshot at researchers like Andrea Rossi and Defkalion which have not revealed their results.

Concept art of the space plane that Zawodny mentioned in his video



Zawodny said he is working with a small company that is trying to develop a single stage reusable space plane. This would be a space shuttle that could take cargos into orbit and back over and over again unlike present day rockets. It could also do this without being refueled. If it could be built that would make it cheap and easy to go into space.

It would also put Elon Musk and SpaceX out of business. An intriguing possibility that SpaceX is the company that Zawodny is working with. SpaceX has close connections with NASA and many ex NASA people work there. The video features concept animation of the plane from a company called SpaceWorks Enterprises Inc. SpaceWorks does consulting work for NASA so it could also be the company Zawodny mentioned.

It goes without saying that there is enormous military potential for such a device. For example such a plane launched from the USA could drop a bomb or deliver a drone anywhere in the world. That way the US wouldn’t need bases in the Middle East or aircraft carriers to project military force anywhere in the world. So it’s obvious that the US Air Force is involved in this work. Foreign militaries such as Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) may also be involved.

Other purposes could be a next generation airliner that could fly from London to New York in an hour. Or cross the Pacific in two hours.

Zawodny also admitted that there are implications for his research that go far beyond space exploration and military uses. He didn’t mention the military potential in his presentation but it’s obvious.

“When you fully grasp what this represents a very inexpensive clean form of power,” Zawodny said. “If we were to have to such a thing it would fuel our future growth and expansion and have the ability to raise the standard of living of the entire world.”

It’s obvious from this video that top level people at NASA believe LENR is for real and can be achieved in the near future. They also think that they can harness it for their own purposes.

We should also ask ourselves who the audience for this video is. My guess is NASA wants members of the US Congress especially the House of Representatives which writes the federal budget to see this. That way they can get more money for LENR research by proving they can develop clean energy. This is good news for all of us.