The e-cat generator test could take place here in Miami, Florida, USA

The test of Andrea Rossi’s one megawatt e-cat cold fusion power generator will now take place in the US. Rossi had been planning to test the steam driven generator at Defkalion’s facility in Xanthi Greece in October.

Rossi has broken the agreement between his Leonardo Corporation and Defkalion. Rossi told reporter Mats Lewan of the Swedish magazine Ny Teknik that he could not reveal the reasons for the break with Defkalion because he plans to sue the Greek company. In his blog, Rossi said the lawsuit will be filed for financial reasons.

Rossi told Ny Teknik that the e-cat test will take place in October at an unspecified location in the USA. The most likely location would be Miami, Florida, where Rossi lives and apparently has a factory that produces e-cat components.

Rossi said he signed an agreement with what he called one of the most “influential organizations” in the United States last week. This organization will be involved in the test, Rossi told Ny Teknik that he could not reveal the name of this organization until after the test. He said high level researchers would be involved but did not say who they would be.

Nor did Rossi say if AmpEnergo the privately held US company that he has licensed e-cat technology to would be involved in the test. Since Rossi has worked with the US Army in the past there is a strong possibility that the organization he is talking about could be part of the US government. Rossi has stated that US Navy officers and representatives of NASA have examined the e-cat. Rossi has also had contracts with the US Army to produce electric generators in the past.

At least one American researcher, Dennis M. Bushnell of NASA’s Langley Research Center has been working on a nickel hydrogen fusion device similar to Rossi’s e-cat.

Dennis M. Bushnell