The company behind the mysterious website that is taking inquiries about Andrea Rossi’s e-cat cold fusion units has been identified.

Ross inside his 1MW e-cat he has new commercial partners courtesy Focus It

The Swedish publication NyTek reported that it is Hydro Fusion Ltd. a British company that is apparently run by four Swedish entrepreneurs. This entity is apparently the mysterious Northern European licensee that Andrea Rossi mentioned to Sterling Allan of Pure Energy Systems as being behind

Hydro Fusion’s website states that the company is a UK based operation specializing in areas related to fusion and dedicated to marketing and sales of e-cat powered devices. No specific devices are mentioned at the Hydro Fusion site but the site has a form people can use to inquire about Rossi’s 1 MW e-cat units. The site does have an investor relations section and an e-mail address for investors seeking more information.

Ny Teknik reported that Hydro Fusion is run by Swedish Entrepreneurs Magnus Holm, Niclas Sandstrom, Peter La Terra and Stefan Helgesson. Holm is identified as the company’s CEO, Sandstrom as operations manager in the UK, and Helgesson as “web strategist.” The Hydro Fusion site does not list any physical offices, phone numbers or mailing addresses for the company. The website does state that Hydro Fusion will soon be opening a branch in Stockholm (Sweden’s capital).

Hanno Essen a respected Swedish Physicist whose report convinced the entrepreneurs behind Hydro Fusion Ltd to invest in e-cat

Ny Teknik did interview Holm who stated that he had decided to invest in E-cat after seeing the report about E-cat prepared by Swedish physicists Hanno Essen and Sven Kullander for Ny Teknik. Holm stated that he has been developing a web strategy for marketing e-cat since meeting Rossi at Defkalion’s June press conference. He also said the response to his web site has been tremendous.


He said commercial products were not available at this time but would be in the near future. He predicted mass production of e-cat technology within two years but did not say where it would take place. Holm said the first uses of e-cat would be for large scale heating systems and for desalination of sea water. He also predicted energy generation on a large scale using the device.

The relationship of Hydro Fusion to AmpEnergo the US company that has a license to sell e-cats in the Americas has not been clarified.

It looks like Rossi has some new partners who can help him commercialize e-cat. There has also been some more press coverage an article about e-cat has appeared in The Washington Times, the second tier newspaper in the US capitol. The other paper in DC The Washington Post which is one of America’s most important newspapers has not reported on e-cat yet.

The Italian tech publication Focus is reporting that Rossi has a contract to build a giant e-cat generator that would use 13 1MW e-cat units to generate 130 megawatts of heat. It states that this is being done for a military customer but does not identify the customer. It did reveal that the customer’s spokesman is a retired Italian colonel named Domenico Fioravanti.

It also said Rossi stated the customer was a military research organization that wants to be kept secret. The British publication Wired UK has speculated that the customer is DARPA Defense Advanced Research Project Agency which develops new technologies for the US military. Rossi did tell Focusit that the army would not have sole control of e-cat technology.