A physicist with Toronto’s York University has come out of the closet and admitted that “cold fusion energy is real.”


Dr. Stoyan Sarg and one of his books courtesy BBS Radio

“The tests of E-cat HT reactors of Andrea Rossi provided in Uppsala University, Sweden (2012-2013) and the live test of Defkalion (DGT) Hyperion reactor broadcast on July 22-23, 2013 are reliable demonstrations that cold fusion energy is real,” Dr. Stoyan Sarg wrote in an article for a website called Foreign Policy Journal. Please note that Foreign Policy Journal has nothing to do with the respected journal Foreign Policy.


Sarg is not an amateur instead he’s an engineer and a physicist. In the past Sarg worked with the European Space Agency, Intercosmos a Warsaw Pact space research organization associated with the former Soviet Union and the Canadian Space Agency. Sarg has also been a visiting scientist at Cornell University and he worked with the first SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project.

Sarg also outlines what might be a test for verification of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) in his article. He thinks that a test to check for radioactive isotopes before and after such a reaction could verify it. Sarg believes the isotopes decay and produces beta particles, he thinks testing for beta particles could verify LENR claims.

Interestingly enough Sarg criticized Andrea Rossi for not allowing such tests although he thinks Rossi and his ecat are credible. Francessco Celani has stated that Rossi has prevented him from making such tests.

Sarg thinks that Defkalion’s device is more credible because the company can control nuclear reactions with a high voltage discharge. Sarg doesn’t comment on other LENR efforts such as the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, Brillouin, Francesco Piantelli’s efforts and Jet Energy’s NANOR.

Still he makes an important point in conclusion that’s well worth repeating here. “Our expectations for cheaper and safer nuclear energy are realistic.” Like many observers Sarg thinks that more research into LENR is needed.