An e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) unit capable producing one megawatt of heat is being tested near Raleigh, North Carolina. That’s the claim from Rossi at his Journal of Nuclear Physics blog.

In a response to a question Rossi revealed that a one megawatt ecat unit has been shipped to a factory owned by Industrial Heat LLC. The factory is apparently located somewhere in the eight county Research Triangle region that includes the cities of Raleigh and Durham. Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are also located in the area.

Nor did Rossi say whether the research is being in the Research Triangle Park where many corporate research and development facilities are located are not. It is impossible to verify Rossi’s claim because he didn’t give a specific location for the facility. Industrial Heat’s owner Cherokee Partners is also located in that area.

The only address I’ve able to locate for Industrial Heat in Raleigh via Google is 111 East Hargett Street Suite 300 Raleigh, NC 27601. According to Google Maps that is Cherokee Partners office.

I should note that Rossi has made claims about a phantom e-cat facility in the United States before. My guess is that he makes those in claims in order to throw off competitors and others who might be out to steal his technology.

An Aerial View of the Research Triangle Park

Rossi didn’t divulge the exact nature of the work going on in North Carolina but it could be an attempt to replicate his LENR work. One strong possibility is that the third party testing Rossi has been alluding to. Rossi has admitted that he has no control over that process and it will be several months before results are published.

Rossi also admitted that he and his team at the Leonardo Corp and Industrial Heat are taking competitors such as Brillouin, Defkalion and Piantelli very serious. They have a set up a team of specialists to study their competitors’ work. That means they might be trying to replicate some of the work being done at the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project.

Rossi isn’t involved directly in this work but he does read the results in order to keep informed about the field. That means Rossi is willing to benefit from open sourced LENR efforts even if he doesn’t seem to believe in them.

Expect to hear more of this story in coming months. Especially if some of my competitors can locate Industrial Heat’s North Carolina facility.