There seems to be quite a bit going on behind the scenes at Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation. The most interestingly revelation was made by Rossi himself at his blog on Nov. 7.

“The domestic E-cats did not obtain the safety certification, which is necessary to put them for sale,” Rossi wrote. That indicates two important points about Rossi’s Ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device:

  • Regulators and certifiers don’t think the device is safe enough for domestic use. The reason for this isn’t stated but it might be the danger of explosion. Several LENR researchers including Michael McKubre and Francessco Celani have commented on this in the past.

In the same post Rossi admitted that he did not control the commercial strategy for Ecat. That once more confirms the suspicion that Rossi is no longer in control of Ecat or Leonardo Corporation.

Even though he’s no longer in control of Leonardo Corporation, Rossi appears to be a rich man. The E-Cat World Blog unearthed documents that show something called REFC Real Estate Corporation owns eight properties worth $1.18 million in the Miami area. Rossi lives in Miami Beach. Most of the properties seem to be apartments purchased as an investment.

Andrea Rossi and a woman named Maddalena Pascucci are listed as the directors of REFC Real Estate in these documents. The E-Cat World Blog identified Pascucci as Rossi’s wife. This would indicate that Rossi has received a large amount of money from somewhere. That might indicate he has sold the Ecat or a substantial interest in it to somebody.

The E-cat buyer might be Elforsk a consortium of Swedish Utilities. Elforsk’s trade magazine recently published a feature on Rossi complete with a large picture of the inventor with Swedish physicists Sven Kullander and Hanno Essen. Elforsk’s website notes the organization is testing the E-Cat.

Andrea Rossi demonstrates the ecat for Sven Kullander and Hanno Essen published in Elforsk's magazine.


Interestingly enough the E-Cat World and the Swedish online forum reported that Andrea Rossi and Giuseppe Levi were seen eating at a restaurant in Uppsala, Sweden, on Oct. 4. In the past Rossi has stated that Ecat tests would take place at in Sweden and involve Kullander and Essen who have been outspoken supporters of Ecat. The two were responsible for the controversial ecat test this spring. Levi was also involved in the test.

It isn’t known how long Rossi and Levi were in Sweden or what they were doing there. Nor is it known with they had any meetings with the Swedish military which is also apparently interested in Ecat.

It looks like there is a lot of interesting stuff going on behind the scenes at Leonardo Corporation. Perhaps we’ll learn more in the near future.