The independent third party tests on Andrea Rossi’s ecat Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) device are completed and seem to verify some of Rossi’s claims. Unfortunately Rossi didn’t make the actual report available nor did he reveal identity of the testers. He did claim that the third party report would be published sometime in April but didn’t say where.

In a March 24 post on his blog Rossi stated that the third party tests were completed on March 23. He also stated that 11 professors (who were not identified) participated in the tests. Rossi claimed that one of the professors told him that “the effect is real beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The tests involved 120 hours (about five days) of uninterrupted operations and involved Andrea Rossi’s hot ecat. The hot ecat did not generate the projected surface temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Celsius like it is supposed to in the tests. The tests involved a 1 kilowatt ecat module that operated in two stages. This device generated 1 kilowatt of heat not electricity.

Rossi didn’t say whether the tests involved his conventional ecat or the gas-fired device that he claims he is developing. Rossi also made the claim that he’ll start delivering industrial ecats by the end of April.

It’s a little hard to tell what to make of this claim. My advice would be to wait until April and see if this report gets published and the identities of the professors revealed. If that happens it’ll be great news because at least some of Rossi’s claims will have been verified.

One problem here though is that Rossi’s own statements reveal that only an effect was verified. An effect in itself does not equal an energy source or a useful industrial process. Remember various inventors, researchers and scientists have been reporting LENR effects for nearly 25 years.

What Rossi needs to demonstrate is that he can duplicate, sustain and control the effect not create it. More importantly he needs to demonstrate that he can generate enough heat to be of use as an energy source.

Hopefully that is what the report shows when it comes out. If these claims are true Andrea Rossi will be justified.

Something to remember folks even if these claims are justified it’ll be a few years before LENR power plants and devices will appear. Even if the report is true, Andrea Rossi isn’t going to be driving around the streets of Bologna in an LENR powered Ferrari anytime soon as soon some enthusiasts seem to think. Rossi himself is now squashing talk about home ecat units and rightly so. Verification is only step in a long process of evolution, LENR will need to go through to become a viable energy source.