Andrea Rossi is now claiming that he has set up or will set up two factories to manufacture his ecat low energy nuclear reaction devices for home heating use. Rossi has stated there would be two factories one in the USA and one in Europe.

Robots Welding Cars together

Unfortunately he has not stated where the ecat factories would be located or presented any evidence he has done any actual work upon them. There is no evidence that Rossi or his Leonardo Corporation has bought or leased a facility or a site for one. Another possibility is that Rossi has contracted with an established manufacturer to build the devices. Nor is there any evidence that he has purchased any of the equipment needed for such an enterprise. What it might look like is shown in the video below which shows robots building fuel cells.

Instead Rossi has stated that ecat production lines will be ready to go once he receives certification to sell his devices to the public yet has not shown us the actual production lines. Here’s Rossi response to somebody named Frank Acland that Rossi posted on his blog:

  • Andrea Rossi

April 14th, 2012 at 4:00 PM

Dear Frank Acland:
We have already made all the engineering of the production line in the two factories we will set up (one in the USA, one in Europe) and we will have just to set up the software of the robots and fix the drawings after the requirements of the Certificators. I think that it will take from 6 to 12 months after the certifications will be done to start the production.
Warm Regards,

Robots Manufacturing Cars

Whether this means Rossi has hired engineers to design the ecat factories or if he actually has started construction of such facilities is hard to say. My guess is that there is no factory if there was Steven Krivit or Ruby Carat would have already tracked it down. It could be that Rossi has the design of the factories but he is waiting for certification to begin construction. In the past Rossi has said he would keep the factories location out of fear of interference from the Puppet Snakes.Video below is of the new Mini Factory which also shows what’s involved in robotic production.

Note he has once again delayed start of the work which would seem to indicate he may not have a dependable LENR device as he has claimed in the past. These posts also seem to indicate that Rossi or somebody he is working with has the money to build the factories.

Rossi also denied that he is working with DARPA the US Defense Department’s Defense Advanced Projects Agency as internet speculation has claimed. Many people believe that DARPA was the first customer for the 1.5 megawatt Ecat unit that Rossi unveiled in October. Rossi stated he was unaware of what DARPA could do for him.

Siemens Steam Turbine SST 4

Once again Rossi confirmed that he is working with Siemens on low temperature steam turbines to generate electricity with ecat LENR. That seems like good news, yet Rossi also admits that he hasn’t been able to generate the temperatures needed to produce steam. He admitted that the highest temperature he has reached is 260 degrees Celsius which would seem to indicate that he is quite far from making steam. If Rossi could create a reliable LENR steam turbine he would have a means of generating electricity that did not use fossil fuels.

Finally Rossi stated that he will unveil a redesigned 1 megawatt (one megawatt of heat not electricity) ecat unit to the public sometime in the future. That would also indicate that the one he unveiled in October didn’t work. Rossi also indicated in his blog that he and Sergio Focardi are still working out the problems.