It looks as if Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation is still active in low energy nuclear reaction or LENR, despite the inventors of the rights to the ecat technology to Industrial Heat LLC. A United States trademark application for the new ecat is in the Leonardo Corporation’s name.

The same application gives the address of Rossi’s Apartment in Miami Beach, Florida as the address of the Corporation. That address is 1331 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. A quick visit to Google Maps shows that the only thing at that location is a large apartment building where Rossi apparently lives when he is in the USA.

The application was apparently submitted on Jan. 2, 2014 and granted on March 1, 2015. It mentions the purposes of ecat as:

  • Electric Autoclaves
  • Production of Gas Energy
  • Rental of Air Conditioning apparatus.

The application contains a photo two cargo containers inside a warehouse. One of the containers has the new ecat Logo of a silhouette of a housecat, the United States Flag and the word “Ecat: The New Fire.” From the photo it is impossible to tell where the containers are located. Although it is interesting to note that Rossi appears to be stealing the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s tagline, that group also wants to light the new fire.

Thanks to our friends at Ecat-World for locating the application and pointing it out to us. Unfortunately I cannot tell if the devices in the photograph are here in United States or located somewhere in Italy. My guess is Rossi is keeping the location secret because he is afraid that somebody will steal his technology.

LENR Trade Association Formed

In other interesting news there is a trade organization for the LENR industry. LENRIA or the Industrial Association for LENR has just launched a website. The site does not list any members but it does show a diagram for the LENR ecosystem.

It lists a variety of companies and divides the LENR world up into government, organizations, core, information and businesses. Strangely enough the only government agencies listed are American, Japanese and Italian, work in Sweden and China is not mentioned.

It is unclear who is behind this organization but it seems to have some resources behind it which is good news. My guess is that one of the large corporations involved in LENR such as Siemens or Mitsubishi has organized it to keep tabs on development.

Tom Darden Speaking at ICCF 19 earlier this month courtesy An Impossible Invention

Another possibility is that investment banker Tom Darden of Cherokee Partners is behind it. At the 19th International Conference on Cold Fusion or ICCF, Darden – the owner of Industrial Heat LLC – spoke about setting up an organization where scientists and inventors working in LENR could connect with business. I wonder if this is it.

This organization’s appearance is certainly good news. Hopefully it’ll soon start lobbying legislative bodies like the United States Congress, the European Parliament, the Japanese Diet and the Parliament of the United Kingdom for funds for LENR. The only things politicians care about are votes and money so a wealthy organization lobbying for LENR will attract their attention.