Upset Andrea Rossi

Andrea Rossi has apparently decided to move all the production of his ecat low energy nuclear reaction devices to the United States and Sweden. He made the decision after a letter from an Italian government official raising questions about his work was published on 22 Passi an Italian blog. The remark was apparently a response to a question raised in Italy’s Parliament.

Rossi was apparently angry because he thinks that the statement from Professor Claudio de Vincenti an Italian cabinet official alleges that his ecat emits radiation. The letter also stated that Rossi has no patent. In response to this Rossi who has been doing all of his research and production of 1 megawatt ecat units at a facility in Bologna said he plans to move production to the USA and Sweden. This refers to 1 megawatt of heat not electricity.

It is unclear which production that would be but it would seem to that of the 10 kilowatt ecats Rossi has promised for home use. It should be noted here that there is no evidence that Rossi has any sort of factory in the US. He does have an apartment in Miami Beach which serves as his US base of operations. That could mean that Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation is planning to buy or lease factory here.

This could be Rossi's apartment house in Miami Beach

Rossi does have a US licensee for the ecat Ampenergo but there’s no evidence they have a factory. In Sweden Rossi has been working with Hydro Fusion which does not seem to have a factory either. So it is hard to say where production would be.

It is easy to see Rossi would not want to produce the device in his native country. His last Italian company Petroldragon collapsed after a conflict with Italian government officials over hazard waste and Rossi ended up in prison. So it could be possible that Rossi will move all of his operations to the US or Sweden at some point.

Rossi is particularly upset because he thinks that de Vincenti accused him of building a device that emits dangerous radiation. Rossi denied the radiation allegations. He noted that specialists from the University of Bologna including Sergio Focardi, Dr. David Bianchini and Professor Pierluigi Rossi (I wonder if he’s related to Andrea) have done thousands of hours of tests on ecat and have no radiation beyond background radiation. He compared the device’s radiation levels to that of a microwave or a cell phone. Rossi has also told a representative of Florida’s state health department that his device does not produce radiation.

Future airplanes like these will not be powered by cold fusion for several decades according to Rossi

Rossi also stated that LENR powered airplanes are at least half a century away. He made that in response to speculation that ecat could be used to power airplanes possibly jets. In the same post Rossi noted that will take around 20 years to develop ecat powered cars and trucks.

This would seem to indicate that Rossi has had a much harder time perfecting LENR than he has admitted in the past. That also means that a lot more research and development needs to be performed.