The latest version of Andrea Rossi’s ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device is scheduled to be delivered to an unknown buyer on April 30. Rossi made this statement in his blog on April 12. He didn’t reveal who the buyer again nor did he say whether the customer is a new one or the same mysterious customer he’s been working with since October 2011.

Andrea Rossi and ecat

Rossi has promised delivery of an ecat several times in the past but hasn’t delivered one because it apparently does not work as advertised. Rossi didn’t say whether the unit that will be delivered is the hot ecat or the normal ecat. Nor did he reveal if it is the gas-fired ecat he has promised in the past. Rossi didn’t say whether his mysterious customer would actually reveal its identity on April 30 or not.

Rossi also contradicted earlier claims that he has sold control of his Leonardo Corporation. Instead he claimed that Leonardo Corporation is an independent entity that has a strategic alliance with what he calls the USA Partner. Rossi did not identify the USA partner nor did he say whether it was the organization taking delivery of the ecat on the 30th.

Artists conception of ecat

In a response to an unknown forum poster Rossi said that he has no plans to go public or sell shares at this time. Instead he said that his organization is signing contracts with various entities. This would indicate that Rossi thinks he has sufficient financing to complete his work. Unfortunately he didn’t indicate where that money is coming from.

Rossi also admitted freely that his organization is too risky for public investment right now. That might indicate he has some doubts his technology and its eventual success. Rossi again indicated that his plans to create a home ecat are on hold until he perfects the industrial models.

There is still no indication of when and where the scientific report on ecat Rossi has been promising us will be published. He is still stating it will be published in the second half of April.

So it looks like we’re once again waiting for something from Andrea Rossi. It looks like he’s moving ahead with his technology but less confident of the results than before.

Rossi isn’t the only LENR inventor who made an interesting announcement. Francesco Celani told the Italian blog that his apparatus exploded when he cooled the temperature down to -50 centigrade. Celani warned other LENR researchers to be cautious of this. One has to wonder if such explosions are delaying Rossi’s work.

These explosions also show why some militaries are interested in LENR it could lead to a powerful next generation explosive. These explosions also raise serious questions about the safety of LENR and LENR research.