The legal battle over the Ecat between Andrea Rossi and Tom Darden’s Industrial Heat is scheduled to reach a federal jury on June 26, 2017. Rossi himself made that announcement at his blog on June 11.

In response to a correspondent named Tom Conover, Rossi wrote:

“On 6-26-17 will start the trial with the Jury and it will last until end of July…during this period I will be totally focused on the trial.”

This does not mean that there will actually be a trial before a jury. A common tactic in American courts is to threat such a trial which can be costly and uncertain in order to force an opponent to accept a settlement. My guess is that Rossi is trying to force Darden and company to reach a financial settlement.

Rossi sued Industrial Heat last year after it refused to pay him for an ecat license and tried to take his low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology without paying. Industrial Heat subsequently countersued claiming that e-cat did not work.

The trial is supposed to be held in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida in Miami. It is impossible to say how long it will last but Rossi believes it will take around a month.

Interestingly enough Rossi thinks the commercial model of the ecat: the so-called QuarkX, will be available this year. He offered no specific dates for the device’s premier but

“I still believe that the QuarkX will show up within this year and a test like the one you cite is normal in a case like that.”

He claims that the device is working but seems to lack the confidence in it for a public test. My guess is that this indicates there has been some sort of catastrophic failure with the gadget in the past but Rossi now thinks he has solved the flaw that caused the problem.

“I am in the factory looking at the QuarkX and it is working well. All the data are stable,” Rossi wrote in response to correspondent JPR on June 11.

Expect to see something happen in regards to ecat this summer. It might be a settlement between Rossi and Industrial Heat, a public demonstration of the ecat or a court ruling for or against. Any of those occurrences is likely to be a major game changer for the world of LENR.