Andrea Rossi has lost one of his major supporters because of allegations that he told an employee of the state of Florida his ecat cold fusion device does not produce nuclear reactions. The allegations cropped up online last week backed up by reports from an official of the Florida Health Department who visited Rossi’s home in Miami Beach, Florida. The reports are backed up by what are apparently official documents from the state of Florida.

The official went there to investigate a report that Rossi was building nuclear devices. All of Rossi’s work is apparently done in Bologna, Italy, where he maintains a workshop. Although he lives in Miami and has announced plans to build a factory to produce low energy nuclear reaction heating devices in the US. Rossi told the official that all of the research and production related to ecat is being done overseas.

Sterling D. Allan at Defkalion HQ courtesy Pure Energy Systems

These revelations prompted one of Rossi’s most vocal apologists Sterling D. Allen of the Pure Energy Systems blog to drop his support of Rossi. Allen has been an outspoken support of Rossi and even created an official ecat website that Rossi later rejected it and asked for it to be taken down.

In a post on his Pure Energy Systems blog Allen stated that he no longer believes that Rossi is building a low energy nuclear reaction device. He has also moved Rossi’s Leonardo Corp to the Buyer Beware part of his site.

Google Earth picture of what could be Rossi's home in Miami Beach

Part of the reason why Allen is so upset is that the address the Florida official investigated appears to be an apartment house in Miami Beach according to Google Earth. Rossi had dropped hints that he had a workshop or a factory in Miami in the past.

Allen is only the latest supporter to turn on Rossi. Rossi needs to take some serious action to win back support from people like Allen who out their way to defend him. A good way to do that would be to bring out and publicly demonstrate a working ecat device. Having it tested by scientists and technicians would be a good step as well.

Rossi has taken one interesting public step to repair his image. He has posted a new interview online. He allowed Ruby Carat of Cold Fusion Now to do a youtube video at what is called his Miami Beach office. As you see the office looks suspiciously like Rossi’s home. It appears that Rossi like a lot of us chooses to work from home.

It should also be noted that by using a home office Rossi can write off part of his home in his taxes in the US. So it makes pretty good business sense. Hopefully Rossi will take some steps to mend fences before it is too late. The last thing he needs is another true believer turned Skeptic attacking him.