Andrea Rossi went into quite a bit of detail about his ecat low energy nuclear reaction device (LENR) and his operations in an intriguing new interview. He described the shipping of his device to a client in America, released some pictures and talked about his team in an interview with Sterling D. Allen of Pure Energy Systems that was conducted for Gary Hendershot’s Smart Scarecrow Website last week.

1 megawatt ecat unit being loaded on a truck for shipment to customer on April 30

Rossi tried to clear up one new mystery by admitting that the 1 megawatt ecat plant he had delivered to an unidentified “military customer” on Oct. 28, 2011 did not work. Rossi told Allen that that there were lots of problems with that unit including hydraulics failures, distribution failures and a poor choice of coolant. He said a new unit that presumably has many of the bugs worked out was built and shipped to the military customer.

Rossi didn’t say how the plant differs from past models. He later noted that the new and improved ecat now has 106 separate reactors. The old model had 100 reactors.

This plant is apparently separate from a plant that Rossi said was shipped to another US customer on April 30, 2013. That would indicate Rossi has two separate customers in the United States. One of which may not be connected to the US military. Rossi stated that the plant shipped to the military can produce six times as much power as it takes in.

Rossi stated that the new customer will be selling heat made by the plant but he didn’t say where it would be selling heat. This might mean it is going to a Swedish utility something Rossi has mentioned before. Rossi didn’t reveal the identities of the customers. Nor did he say where the final location of the units will be.


An intriguing picture of the hot ecat that popped up at e-cat world last week

Some statements indicate that Rossi and his team are close to being able to create steam for the generation of electricity with the so-called hot ecat. Rossi said testing on the hot ecat was done by an unidentified third party from March 18 to March 23. He noted that four college professors whom he refused to identify participated in the testing. He did say they were from different parts of the world. The professors apparently brought their own instruments and Rossi did not watch the testing. Nor did the professors tell him the results of the testing.

Once again Rossi stated that the results of the tests will be revealed in a publication in a peer reviewed scientific journal. Rossi didn’t say which journal or when it will come out. In a post on his blog Rossi stated it might take as long as six months for the report to be published.

Rossi refused to confirm or deny reports that he is working with the giant German technology company Siemens on turbine development. Rossi said he couldn’t answer such questions because of a nondisclosure agreement (NDA).

Rossi said the hot ecat now generates temperatures of around 350 Celsius (662 Fahrenheit for us backward Americans) and has run continuously for up to 120 hours.  Rossi also admitted that his team is still far from the production of electricity despite the success of the hot ecat.

Rossi has expanded the research and development team at his Leonardo Corporation which has moved to a new facility in Ferrara, Italy. The team now includes two electronics specialists working on control systems. Those two are also doing work related to electricity presumably electricity generation. Two specialists are working on the design of an improved ecat. Three specialists are working thermal technical problems that probably means the hot ecat. There are also teams working on manufacturing and testing of the ecat.

Rossi stated that there is another team in the United States designed a prototype of another one megawatt ecat (capable of generating one megawatt of heat). He once again claimed operations are taking place in Florida but didn’t say where in the Sunshine state they would be located. One possibility is that the team is working from home via the internet. In the past Rossi’s Florida operation was revealed as his condo in Miami Beach.

This indicates that Rossi seems to have quite a bit of money behind him. Whoever his partners are they certainly have deep pockets. Somebody is paying all of those employees.

Interior of Rossi's factory in Ferrara courtesy e-cat World

Rossi stated his research and design operations will remain in Italy but he would like to develop a manufacturing capacity in Sweden at some point.

It looks like Rossi is making a lot of progress. Hopefully he’ll review some more concrete proof of this progress. I for one would like to see the ecat up and running and making steam for a customer. A batch of new ecat pictures have been posted at E-Cat World.

P.S. if you want a job and you’d like to move to Italy check out Rossi’s Journal of Nuclear Physics discussion boards. Rossi told Sterling Allen that he has hired at least two of his new employees through the board.