Andrea Rossi said he will reveal the companies and individuals he has licensed his ecat low nickel hydrogen energy nuclear reaction technology to in October. He also said he is working a new reactor and planning a possible ecat convention in October. What the convention is or where it will be held has not been revealed yet. Last year Rossi unveiled a prototype ecat in October.

A list of the licensees will be posted on Rossi’s website sometime in October, the inventor revealed on his blog. This should be interesting because Rossi stated that some of these people have apparently seen the ecat in action. Rossi once again stated that he has one megawatt ecat plants in construction and that they are for sale. Note none of these devices have apparently been delivered even though the first one was supposed to have been shipped in October 2011. These devices are supposed to produce megawatt of heat not electricity.

Past reports have named at least two of the licensees as Ampenergo in the USA and HydroFusion

Pumps and reactors inside the 1 megwatt ecat device

in Europe. No recent information about these companies’ activities is available.

Rossi stated “Our Licensees have attended demos of our ecat in operation.” This is an interesting statement. One wonders why Rossi doesn’t hold demonstrations for the press and scientists such as Brian Josephson if he’s confident to demonstrate it for licenses. Rossi also admitted that he has developed a new ecat reactor.

Another shot of the 1 MW ecat's interior showing reactors

In his most recent post Rossi admitted he doesn’t know how much the 10 kilowatt ecat units that he has promised in the past will cost. Nor did he know when they would be available for sale. He stated that he is waiting for the certification of safety of the devices. Rossi did not say who he was awaiting certification from. Presumably it is the European Union and the Underwriter’s Laboratory in the United States.

Rossi also talked about new high temperature reactors which would be for industrial purposes. He didn’t say whether these reactors will be used to power the Siemens steam turbines that he’s been experimenting with. Such units could be used in power plants. Rossi didn’t say whether the new industrial units had been built or tested yet.

It looks like Rossi is making some progress with his LENR technology but he is still far behind where he claimed he was in the past. Rossi seems to have backed away from some of the earlier claims he’s made. It appears that he might have an LENR device but he’s far from perfecting it.

Defkalion Still Silent

In other news there’s still no word from Rossi’s former partners turned competitors at Defkalion. In February they promised that they would have seven independent organizations including the Greek government test their Hyperion LENR device.

I’ve been scanning the internet and noticed no word on these test has appeared. We don’t know whether they’ve taken place or if they have what the results have been. Defkalion has apparently made some progress they are hiring engineers and technicians but no word on what they’re doing has leaked out.

It looks like it might be an interesting year in LENR. Now we need to see working devices rather than all these claims.