The third party evaluation of Andrea Rossi’s ecat low energy nuclear reaction technology (LENR) could be finished as early as this week. On November 30, Rossi stated on his blog that the validation will finish within two weeks. That works out to sometime this week.

The testing is apparently being done by an independent “third party” which Rossi declined to identify. He did say that the Third Party will publish a test report but didn’t say when or where it will be published. From Rossi’s remarks it is sounds as if he has no real control over this testing process. So it sounds like real independent testing is going on.

Rossi's facility in Bologna Itay

Since Rossi has revealed who the third party is it is likely that the testing was commissioned by somebody other than Rossi. Most likely it is a customer or potential customer for the ecat technology. One potential candidate for the Third Party is Siemens which as reportedly worked with Rossi before. Another is the United States Navy there have been numerous unsubstantiated claims that the Navy is interested in Rossi’s technology as a potential power source.

Given Rossi’s reputation it is likely that the third party doesn’t want any public involvement with him unless his claims can be proven. Still organizations like Siemens or the US Navy wouldn’t be looking into Rossi if they didn’t think there was some merit to his process and claims. One reason for their involvement might be Sergio Focardi’s reputation.

Rossi has also admitted that his team has run into serious problems that have delayed the testing. This indicates that Rossi has still not worked all the bugs out of his process. It also indicates that his research is not as comprehensive as he likes to claim.

Rossi stated that the problems are confidential for now at least. That indicates the problems involve Rossi’s proprietary process or confidential information.  So it seems he has really been forced back to the drawing board by circumstances.

Rossi also stated that he thinks LENR powered cars are about ten years away. He also revealed that he has a relationship with a carmaker he would not identify. He stated that he and the carmaker have a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Instead he’s focused on electric power production.

artists' Concept of a 1 MW ecat unit in use.

If and when the hot ecat goes into operation Rossi stated that he intends to invite selected individuals such as potential customers, scientific journalists and scientists to “see our plants” in operation. That might mean that he hopes to have a steam-powered turbine producing electricity using steam from a hot ecat in the near future. Rossi has mentioned Spring 2013 as a date this might occur but he’s being noncommittal about it.

He also claimed to have LENR “research cooperations” going with universities in the US and Europe but did not reveal the universities. In the past the one University associated with Rossi his alma matter the University of Bologna has gone out of its way to deny a partnership with him.

The only thing I can make of these statements is that Rossi has surrendered some degree of control to the “Third Party.” Perhaps they’re the ones really financing his work. It would be nice to get some clear statements from Signor Rossi rather than these vague claims. It’d also be nice if the third party were to come out of the closet and reveal its involvement. Perhaps that it is just too much to ask.