Andrea Rossi has revealed important details about the third part report on his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology. If these details are true and the report is what Rossi claims it is it could give him some much needed credibility.

Andrea Rossi at work

Some of the important details about the report have been revealed by Rossi on his forum at the Journal of Nuclear Physics. These important details include:

  • The report will be is supposed to be published at the beginning of February.


  • The report will be published in a magazine (I imagine that this is a mistranslation that actually means scientific journal) and peer reviewed by individuals associated with the journal.


  • The name of the scientific journal was not revealed. Probably because Rossi doesn’t want to be embarrassed if it is not published.


  • The peer reviewers will mostly be scientists with Physics Doctorates.


  • Rossi will continue with his work if the peer review is negative.


  • The report will be published and the names of those who compiled the information only if the peer reviewers approve it.


  • The report is apparently being compiled by experts hired by Rossi’s mysterious customer. Rossi did not reveal who or what the customer is it is presumably a big corporation.


  • Rossi admitted on December 20 that he had not read the third party report himself yet. That probably means it isn’t ready yet. Since those compiling the report are presumably taking Christmas off it will probably be delayed.

    1 Megawatt ecat Unit at Leonardo Corp's Bologna R&D facility

Rossi made another interesting revelation. He stated that his position at Leonardo Corporation is now Chief Scientist. That would seem to indicate he is no longer in charge there. Rossi admitted last year that he apparently no longer owns Leonardo Corp. It has been sold to an undisclosed group of investors.

Rossi also stated that he is closer to the development of hot ecats that could be used to generate electricity by producing steam to operate a turbine. Rossi also claimed that the hot ecat will be first be installed and presumably tested in the United States. He did not say where in the USA it would be installed or who would test it.

Rossi stated that the Leonardo Corporation will retain its research and development center in Bologna, Italy. Presumably the hot ecat that is to be tested in America will be assembled in Bologna then shipped to the US. Rossi also stated that the one megawatt version of the hot cat will be completed in February. He did not say if this is what will be shipped to the US or not.

Rossi also stated that he has a partner in the USA with the following philosophy:

The philosophy of our USA Partner and of us is based on the following 4 pillars:
1- this technology has to be consolidated and put at the service of Mankind
2- industrialization of the manufacturing must reach low prices to lower the cost of energy in the World
3- give back the money we earn as much as possible to cure cancer in children in the World
4- produce good jobs

This vague philosophy doesn’t tell us much but it could point to a major billionaire philanthropist such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or Sidney Kimmel. All three men have stated that they want to give most of their money away to charity.

It could also point to the US Navy or DARPA which are government organizations. Rossi also claims that this is his philosophy. He did not say if this partner has anything to do with AmpEnergo the American startup he had an agreement with in the past.

Rossi also stated that tests of the hot ecat will begin soon and that the test will be the basis of the peer reviewed report. Rossi also stated that photographs of the Hot Cat might be made released next week. Since he made this revelation on Dec. 14th and I haven’t seen the photos my guess is they haven’t be released.!

Swedish TV has put together a documentary about Rossi and his work. Instead of describing it I’ll just put it here for you to look. The version I have has English on it because the original is in surprise Swedish. Since far more people speak English than Swedish I’ll let you look at it and make up your own minds.

Oh and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our readers. Hopefully 2013 will be the year of LENR and the start of the next technological revolution and economic boom.