Andrea Rossi thinks that the independent testing of his ecat Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) device by an independent third party will be completed in March. He also thinks that the results of the testing by the unknown third party will be published sometime in March or soon after. Rossi didn’t say where the results would be published or in what publication in the response he made on his blog.

An intriguing shot of Andrea Rossi

The response was made to Professor Brian Josephson the Nobel Prize winning physicist at England’s Cambridge University who has been an outspoken supporter of Rossi in the past. In the same post Rossi said that Josephson is on the list of scientists he’ll invite to inspect the ecat when he unveils it to the public.

In the same post Rossi also confirmed that he is working for the military. He stated that his company is completing the first one megawatt ecat unit (this unit is capable of generating one megawatt of heat not electricity) for civilian use. That would indicate he has built one for military use. Rossi didn’t reveal which military he is working for although there has been internet speculation that he has been working with the United States Navy. It is possible that Rossi has been working for foreign militaries as well.

Rossi didn’t say whether the new ecat he is building for civilian use is one of his hot ecats or not. The hot ecat is supposed to generate temperatures in excess of 600 degrees centigrade which would be hot enough to turn water into steam for power generation.  Nor did he say whether the ecat is one of the gas-fired units he has claimed to build in the past.

If you’re interested in the science behind ecat Rossi mentioned several works on physics and related subjects that he has found useful. Some of these include:

  • Nuclear Models By Professor Walter Greiner and Professor Joachim A. Maruhn.
  • Summary of Mathematics By Sergio Focardi (note this might only be available in Italian)
  • Collective Electrodynamics by Carver A. Mead
  • The Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics by Roland Omnes

Note I don’t know if these are the accurate names of the books or not. As anybody who reads his blogs knows, Rossi’s English is questionable.

So if you’re wondering about Rossi’s theory these books might shed some light on it. Note it is entirely possible that Rossi doesn’t have a theory or one that adequately describes what’s going on. It is entirely possible for an inventor or an engineer to create a piece of working technology and not understand the principles behind it as Nassim Nicholas Taleb has pointed out. It’s also possible for somebody to have a good theory and no technology to make it work.

It looks like it’s going to be an interesting year. Hopefully we’ll get some verification of Rossi’s claims sooner or later.