Rossi working at his facility in Bologna

Andrea Rossi is apparently working on a 45 megawatt generating plant that will employ his ecat low energy nuclear reaction technology with help from Siemens. According to a post on his blog the plant would produce 45 megawatts of heat and 15 megawatts of electricity. The plant will cost about 30 million (Rossi did not specify what currency this would be in) and consume about 7.5 megawatts of electricity.

Rossi didn’t say if the plant was actually built or under construction or what. Nor did he present any proof that he is actually building it. Such bold talk has gotten him into trouble before.

He’s been saying for months that he has a working 1.5 MW ecat hot water heater and around a dozen customers for it. Yet the device is apparently still under development at his facility in Bologna Italy. He’s even admitted that it hasn’t been shipped to buyers because he has not worked the bugs out of it.

Rossi has also been talking about a home heating and water heating device.

Rossi testing ecat last April

Yet he has not shown us that either. Even though there are supposed to be working models in Bologna. Unlike his competitors at Defkalion who have been willing to demonstrate their Hyperion device and let others test it.

Interestingly enough the weight of the 45 MW plant is supposed to be about 200 tons. Rossi didn’t specify whether this would be metric tons or American tons. The plant would be so heavy because it would consist of 45 1MW ecat units. This would seem to indicate that Rossi still has serious financial backing for his endeavors so somebody still believe in him. This backing could be from Siemens which is a gigantic corporation.

Rossi also stated that he is getting closer to patenting the device. He has an Italian patent but no US or EU patent. He stated that he has lawyers working on a patent system.

Rossi is also continuing to talk about his robotized ecat factory in the US and specifically in his home state of Florida. This contradicts a statement that Rossi made to an environmental specialist for the Florida state health department. He told the specialist that all ecat research and production is taking place outside the US presumably in Bologna.

Mockup of Rossi's 1 MW ecat plant

Rossi has also stated that the device will be self sustaining and produce infinite energy. (Note I’m no physicist but doesn’t this contradict the laws of thermodynamics?) It also contradicts statements Rossi has made where he’s admitted that the ecat needs electricity to operate and regular infusions of nickel and hydrogen.

Rossi needs to clarify what he’s saying. He also needs to demonstrate an ecat or at least show one to the press to prove he has a working technology before building this gigantic machine. If he wants to maintain secrecy he needs to follow Defkalion’s example and stop making all these statements to the media and everybody else.