Andrea Rossi

Andrea Rossi has confirmed that his team is working on three different one megawatt (megawatt of heat) ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) devices. He has also stated that third party testing of at least one of them is complete and that a report of the test results will be published after peer reviewing.

In a post on his discussion board Rossi stated that the three ecat units are:

  • A Low Temperature one megawatt (MW) ecat.
  • A one megawatt hot ecat that is fired by electricity.
  • A one megawatt hot ecat that is fueled by gas.

In a later post Rossi confirmed that these are preproduction units being built at the request of a customer.

Rossi almost confirmed that there was a third party validation of the hot ecat on November 20. Unfortunately he didn’t reveal which one that was. He did note that the results of the testing were better than a test on July 16. He didn’t say how they compared to another test on September 6. Results from that test were so disappointing that a group of Swedish investors withdrew their funding from the Northern European ecat licensee Hydro Fusion.

Unfortunately Rossi will not reveal a description of the hot ecat until he is ready for sale. He also admitted that his team is still working on the design. Rossi and Focardi are still at the drawing board they don’t have a design for their device. Yet they are testing it. This might refer to the gas-fired ecat which is apparently a totally new concept.

Rossi also stated that the report on the ecat results will be published by the independent third party. This is the mysterious organization that has supposedly contracted to purchase a one megawatt ecat. Rossi stated that this organization has made him sign a nondisclosure agreement.

There is apparently a rough time table for e-cat deployment as well. A poster named Jan Srajer suggested that the one megawatt ecat will be tested in Winter 2013 and demonstrated to journalists in Spring 2013. Then put into production in the Summer. Rossi called this schedule: “realistic.”

Rossi also stated that his team at Leonardo Corporation is working to couple the Hot ecat with a Carnot Cycle. That presumably means a Carnot Cycle Heat Engine. This engine works by transferring energy from a warmer space to a cooler one. It’s basically a heat pump. The heat from the ecat would have to be moved in order to create steam to run a turbine or hot air to operate a jet turbine.

This also indicates that Rossi and company haven’t worked out a lot of the engineering related to ecat. Even if they did get it working they seem to have to means of generating power with it yet. So Rossi’s presumption that a public rollout of ecat is possible next year seems to be unrealistic.

Rossi has also been the victim of fraudsters again. He noted that a fake website is apparently selling fraudulent ecats to people in Poland without his authorization. The website is Rossi noted that the persons behind that site were not licensed by him. It’s also interesting to note that Rossi himself admits there isn’t a working ecat yet.

Container housing a One Megawatt ecat unit courtesy Popular Science. Copyright Popular Science

The popular LENR website Independent eCat News is apparently shutting down. The reasons given for the shutdown are vague. The site’s webmaster apparently wants to distance himself from Rossi. The real reason it might be shutting down is that the webmaster Paul can’t give the site the time it deserves. This is too bad because it means the loss of an important voice in this field.

Hopefully somebody else will step forward and set up a similar site to take its place.