There is quite a bit of big news going on in the world of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) these days. Not all of which involves Andrea Rossi and his ecat.

Some big news includes: Airbus the giant European aircraft corporation has filed for a US Patent on something that sounds like LENR. Patent Application 2016/0228767 A1 is for “An environmentally friendly heat source suitable for the transportation sector.” The introduction mentions LENR and “an exothermic reaction in the form of a metal lattice supported hydrogen process.”

The inventors are listed as Bernard Kotzias, Ralf Schliwa and Jan Van Toor. The applicants are Airbus Defence and Space GMBH, Airbus Operations GMBH and Airbus DS GMBH. The patent; which appears to be the American version of a US application, is dated August 4, 2016.

It looks as if Airbus might farther along on its LENR work than we suspected.

Brillouin on the Radio

Robert W. George the CEO of Brillouin Energy paid a visit to Alex Jones at Alex is a right wing American radio host whose paranoid ramblings are rather disgusting. Still he’s to be commended for letting George on.

George did say anything new but you can watch the whole video here if you want. Here’s an excerpt that describes what Brillouin is working on:

“It’s great very dramatic we have two products currently one that would be suitable for home heating which operates at about 80 degrees,” George said.

850 degrees C (Celsius) or domestic hot water and then we have another one that’s a gas phase system that operates at 600 degrees C that’s suitable for generating electricity and could reap our coal fired power plants and so those are the systems is this where you are right now in terms of your state-of-the-art so you’ve got essentially something that could replace a water heater as well as something else that could generate electricity.”

If you don’t like Jones’ style you can read a transcript of the interview posted here by the Alain Co.

Musk is Closer to Mars than we Think

Some new reports indicate that Elon Musk and Space X are closer to going to Mars than we might think.

The Raptor engine that will power the Falcon Heavy Rocket or Mars Colonial Transporter has been shipped to Texas by Space X, Ars Technica reported. SpaceX is planning to test the Heavy later this year or next week. Musk has claimed the Heavy will provide about 500,000 pounds of thrust or about the same amount as the space shuttle.

Space X has placed an order for between $2 and $3 billion worth of carbon fiber composites from a Japanese company called Toray Carbon Fibers, Ars Technica pointed out. Ars Technica’s Eric Berger speculated that the fiber would be used to build the Mars Colonial Transporter. The composites; produced in Decatur, Alabama, are the high-tech material that Boeing and Airbus use in their airliners.

Musk hopes to be able to launch his owned manned expedition to the Red Planet within a decade. He also plans for a regular freight service to Mars using the Mars Colonial Transporter. It looks as if two old science fiction dreams Mars colonization and LENR might be achieved within the decade.