E-cat could make this as obosolete as a horse drawn wagon

The Energy Catalyzer could change the way we generate power in a way some people have not thought of. Currently most electricity is generated in large centralized plants owned by governments and large corporations. These plants can burn coal or gas, or run off other forms of power such as geothermal, nuclear, wind or hydro but the principle is the same.

The power is then fed into grid and sent to the end users such as homes and factories. This process is both expensive and wasteful. A large percentage of the electricity created seeps out as it goes through the power lines. The power lines themselves have to be maintained and protected. They are also vulnerable to breakdown and sabotage.

As we saw recently in Japan and in some parts of the US, the grid can be very unreliable as well as being inefficient. One power plant goes down and the entire system goes down leading to blackouts or brownouts.

The kind of giant industrailized power e-cat could make obsolete

Now the energy catalyzer can be used to generate power for one building or one private home. Instead of massive grid with a few giant power plants we can move to a more reliable and efficient system of lots of smaller plants, every home, every business, every office building, every school and every factory would be its own power plant.

The buildings would generate their own electricity and heat for their own use and feed the surplus into the grid. The surplus energy could used as backup in case e-cats fail or don’t produce enough power for a building. It could also be used for other purposes to make electricity for electric cars, to power electric trains or transit systems and so on. Surplus power from homes and office buildings could also be fed into nearby factories to run machines. It could even be used to run heavy equipment now powered by diesel fuel.

Homeowners and businesses would no longer have to pay for the construction and maintenance of a massive grid. Electricity could become like water in developed nations, relatively free and readily available to everybody.

E-cat could eliminate these and the pollution they cause

That means we could soon be saying goodbye the grid and hello to a new sort of open architecture electrical power system. This new system would be a network that operates more like the internet. That would give average people and not the owners of the system control over the network.