New details about two major low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research efforts are available. The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project is reporting significant progress in its open sourced effort to commercialize Francesco Celani’s LENR technology.

The idea behind the Project is to create a LINUX of LENR, LINUX is an open sourced operating system available for anybody to use. Anybody can put it on her computer and any designer can create Apps and software for it. Even though LINUX itself is given away free it has led to some to great fortunes, there’s a little thing called Google (you know the company with the $846-$850 a share stock). Google uses Linux as does the software company Red Hat.

The Team Behind the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project at ICCF 18

The project calls its model Live Open Science which means all results are immediately posted to its website for other researchers to take a look at. That disseminates the technology and makes inventors’ job easier because they don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

The idea is to create an open sourced LENR technology that anybody can duplicate and apply. That way hundreds or thousands of people around the world can be working on LENR at once. Just hundreds of thousands of people are writing apps for Google Android and the Apple iPhone.

A great overview of the Project’s work can be found at this slide slow which was presented at the 18th Annual International Conference on Cold Fusion. The slide show indicates the project has achieved excess heat and 8-12% net power gain which sounds comparable to Andrea Rossi’s work. The project has two labs up and running one in Europe and one in the United States. The presentation claims that four more teams on four continents are ready to join the Project’s efforts.

The Project is putting the finishing touches on what it calls an experimental, flexible, modular reactor similar to Andrea Rossi’s hot ecat. Like the ecat the reactor will operate on various kinds of fuel and generate heat at a high temperature. That means it will be able to generate steam.

Artists' Conception of the Fleischmann Project's flexible modular reactor courtesy MFMP

The ultimate goal is to create a sort of do it yourself LENR kit that anybody can duplicate. Much like anybody can download programs like Mozilla and Google Chrome. The kit would be marketed to laboratories and others doing LENR research.

The Project is organizing a charitable foundation to fund its work, and planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign to get money directly from the public. Kickstarter uses crowd sourcing or open sourced fund raising to get money for projects.

The amount of work that the Fleischmann Project has accomplished in just a year has been impressive. The project’s coordinators including Bob Greenyer must be congratulated for their work. They’ve figured out how to do an end run around organized science, big business, big media and big business and achieve real progress on turning LENR into a viable energy source. Someday they might be as famous as Google or LINUX.