Italian physicist Francesco Celani stated that he has created low energy nuclear reactions similar to those achieved in Andrea Rossi’s fusor. Celani told participants at the Coherence 2011 Cold Fusion Conference in Rome on December 14 that he had conducted cold fusion experiments using nickel and hydrogen. The blog stated that Celani said he was able to create a “cold fusion cell” that yielded 200% excess thermal energy.

Francesco Celani courtesy 22 Passi

There is no collaboration for these claims available at claims it got them from the 22Passi blog. Unfortunately that blog is in Italian a language I do not read. All that is available is a very bad and completely confusing Google translation.

Celani is a leading Italian physicist who works at his country’s National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Italy’s equivalent of Los Alamos). He is also vice president of the International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Sciences.

This could be Francesco Celani notice Guiseppe Levi in the background Courtesy 22 Passi

Celani’s interest in cold fusion is well known, he is a member of Cold Fusion Energy Inc, a consortium of physicists working to research and commercialize cold fusion. He has also worked as with Japanese researcher Yoshiaki Arata another member of the consortium who has been doing similar research in Japan.

Andrea Rossi has described Celani as a competitor and turned down his request for scientific examination of the e-cat. In a radio interview in April Celani said he thinks e-cat is for real but also believes that Rossi’s research could be flawed.

The e-cat motor blog is also reporting that it was revealed that Rossi has been working for the US Department of Defense since 2008 which is when the e-cat research began. No confirmation for this claim was given either. The same claim made at the Coherence Conference also stated Rossi was working with a US Air Force scientist named Brian Ahern.

There have been earlier reports that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA the Pentagon’s science agency was the mysterious customer that bough the first 1 MW e-cat unit from Rossi. Rossi’s Leonardo Corp has had US military contracts in the past.