Two of the largest corporations in Japan and the world Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Toyota Motor Company are heavily involved in low energy nuclear reaction research (LENR). The New Energy Times reported that Yashurio Iwamura a Japanese physicist told the American Nuclear Society (ANS) that scientists at the Toyota Central Research and Japanese Development Laboratories have been able to change one element to another without the use of high energy physics.

The experiment apparently replicates an LENR experiment performed by scientists at Mitsubishi. The process apparently uses a deuterium permeation transmutation method invented by Iwamura. Iwamura has been working on LENR for 14 according to the New Energy Times. The date and exact location of the experiment were not reported, Iwamura made his presentation to the ANS on November 14 in San Diego.

Unfortunately the New Energy Times piece by Steven B. Krivit does not state a source for these claims or provide any sort of independent validation. That means they must be viewed with a little skepticism.

Both Toyota and Mitsubishi have been involved in LENR research for many years according to published reports. This is certainly good news because it indicates that major companies in Japan take LENR seriously until some companies in the US. This news comes and more revelations about corporate involvement in LENR are coming out.

STMicroelectronics Inc. a major European electronics company is reportedly carrying out work to duplicate Celani’s LENR reactor. Siemens is reportedly working with Andrea Rossi. National Instruments in the United States has been outspoken in its support of LENR.

One reason why this report is good news is that Toyota and Mitsubishi have a vast amount of resources at their command. Mitsubishi is in almost every business you can think of from automobiles to mining. It is also a major ship builder and is even in mining. Toyota is one of the world’s biggest auto manufacturers. These companies have the resources to commercialize a technology like LENR and to resist attacks from the energy industry, environmentalists, the scientific establishment or bureaucrats trying to stop it.

I might also note that there are probably many other LENR experiments going on out there that we haven’t heard about. Many corporations and governments are probably working on this technology quietly in order to avoid skepticism.

My guess is that we’re likely to see several different LENR processes and devices appear in short succession. We’re also likely to hear a lot of interesting rumors about LENR.

One more thought here, both Mitsubishi and Toyota are auto manufacturers. So it’s interesting that they’re working on LENR. Perhaps they think LENR vehicles are possible. It’s also interesting to note that Andrea Rossi claims to be in contact with somebody in the auto industry. So some very interesting things are happening in LENR, 2013 promises to be a very interesting year.