The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project is planning a test of its low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology that could be as big as Andrea Rossi’s recent report about his ecat cold fusion device.

Rossi made some waves and even won over a few skeptics by publishing a report that included an analysis of some of the powder used in the Ecat. That analysis indicated that a nuclear reaction had taken place and released large amounts of energy.

Now the open sourced LENR effort is planning to send up to 20 samples wires used in Francesco Celani’s LENR device to Earth Tech International a privately funded research organization in Austin Texas. Earth Tech will perform isotopic analysis on the samples with a X-123SDD Complete X-Ray Spectrometer with a Silicon Drift Detector.

The analysis will help the Fleischmann Project determine if any transmutation, nuclear synthesis, fusion or fission is going on inside the Celani wires. In other words it will show if any sort of nuclear reaction is occurring and if Celani’s claims about his device are true. That can help them if see if Celani’s gadget is a true LENR device or not.

Long term it could show the Project’s engineers what they might need to do to generate heat from reactions. That could take them a long way to developing a commercially viable LENR device.

It could be as important as the recent ecat report because it could show if LENR devices are actually generating a nuclear reaction, something that has not necessarily been proven yet or not. Unfortunately Rossi has played things really close to the vest, even though physics professors have claimed to seen his research he hasn’t revealed it.

This experiment could be real important because a third party –Frank Acland of Pure Energy Systems will convey the wires to Earth Tech. Earth Tech has no vested interest in falsifying the results. It could independently verify some of Rossi’s claims as well as Celani’s.

One of the testing devices that will be used on the Celani Wires at Earth Tech.

More importantly, the Fleischman project is a purely open-sourced effort. It’s results will be posted online for all to see. It’ll also make the data available so others can duplicate the work.

Rossi has refused to do this probably to protect his patents. If the Project could put that information out there it could speed up the development of LENR by making it easier for other researchers to duplicate some of their results.

The Fleischmann Project researchers are to be congratulated for their work and their openness. Their lack of selfishness and hysteria should serve as a model for all cold fusion researchers.