Video of the Nanor low energy nuclear reaction device designed and built by Mitchell Swartz of Jet Energy is now available online. The device is currently being tested and demonstrated by low time LENR advocate Dr. Peter Hagelstein at the Massachusetts Institute of Techchnology (MIT).

The presence of a “cold fusion” device at America’s most prestigious technology school is an exciting development. Since MIT has very close connections to the military industrial complex this is further proof that at least some officials in the Pentagon seem to buy into cold fusion. Hopefully other scientists and institutions will follow Dr. Hagelstein’s lead and open up their labs to this exciting technology.

Hagelstien doesn’t comment on the video which was posted by Barry Simon who was playing at craft show and MIT’s campus just outside Boston. The video was posted on Youtube on May 21. I don’t know what day it was recorded. Nor do I know much about Barry Simon. Unfortunately I don’t live anywhere near Boston so I can’t go and see myself.

Nanor Device at MIT

The model shown here is described as a small low temperature classroom model. Hagelstein is shown discussing a number of printouts that appear to be results of tests on the device. The device itself looks like a plastic tub. It’s about the size of a large desktop printers. Testing equipment that looks like something you’d find in a garage is there as well.

Since MIT is only a fairly short train ride or drive from New York City. MIT is also very close to Greenwich Connecticut where all the big hedge fund managers are supposed to live.  I hope some venture capitalists and hedge fund billionaires  make the trip to see this device. I also hope that some of the other physics professors at MIT go over and take a look at. We need to get this publicized.

A week or so ago there was a lot of talk about Andrea Rossi making a big announcement. It hasn’t come out yet but I’ll keep you posted if I see it. My guess is we’ll have to wait a long time for this just like the last big Rossi announcement.