In the above video you can see the US government’s idea of energy policy. Energy Secretary Dr. Chu talking about white roofs. He has been silent on the Energy Catalyzer.

The United States Department of Energy appears to be showing absolutely no interest in the Energy Catalyzer. As far as I know nobody from the Department, which is supposed to be working to give America “energy independence,” has shown no interest in a device that can do just that: Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer.

Nobody from the Department was apparently present at Defkalion’s ground breaking press conference last month where it was revealed that the Energy Catlyzer is being used for industrial purposes in Greece right now. The Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu, who is supposed to be a scientist did not show up nor did anybody who said he was a representative of the Department. The only representative of a great power who attended was Huarard Chen who introduced himself as the Deputy Director of the China Research Center for Public Policy a Think Tank that is apparently part of the Chinese government.

Now if the Energy Department is what it claims to be, it should welcome the Energy Catalyzer but it might not. The Energy Catalyzer threatens the billions of dollars in funding the Department gets from American taxpayers. It was developed by a private individual with his own money. It is being readied for commercialization with private money.

National Renewable Energy Labortoary in Golden Colorado Your tax dollars at work

My guess is that the bureaucrats at the Energy Department and the giant National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado are afraid for their jobs. The US is in the middle of a budget crisis and Republicans in Congress are already talking about cutting renewable energy funding. The last thing they want is to acknowledge that a private inventor did what they could not.

US Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu

The US government is certainly aware of the Energy Catalyzer’s existence. Andrea Rossi has worked for it and been awarded federal contracts before. Rossi himself has said uniformed US Naval officers have witnessed an e-cat demonstration.

The good thing is that there is no way the Energy Department can ignore or cover up something like the Energy Catalyzer. Sooner or later the mainstream media will wake up to it. When that happens, Dr. Chu and his advisers are going to have a lot to answer for.

In his last statement on the Energy Department’s website Dr. Chu praised UPS for putting a white roof on a delivery van to reduce cooling costs. As an American taxpayer I have to wonder what is going on at the Department of Energy. The national official in charge of “Energy policy” is more interested in the roofs of delivery trucks than the most important new source of energy since oil.

Something tells me, Dr. Chu isn’t going to have his job much longer. Nor will a lot of people at the Department of Energy when Congress finally learns about the Energy Catalyzer.