February 2016 could be a very important month, that’s when commercialization of Andrea Rossi’s e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology could begin. On September 21, 2015, in a post at his blog Rossi himself revealed that the current round of testing of the one megawatt testing is supposed to wrap up in February 2016.

Here is what the Italian-American inventor wrote in response to a correspondent labelled Toussaint:

“The tests should end by February 2016, so long no major delays are caused by malfunctions.

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That is very exciting news coming on the heels of the United States patent, Rossi and his Leonardo Corp received. It means we could see industrial ecats capable of generating up to one megawatt of heat on sale next year.

More importantly we will finally see if the ecat technology is for real or not. Rossi and his team are currently conducting long term tests on the device to see if it is capable of sustained operation. If it is the ecat could be used to heat water for water heating, building heating, industrial and possibly low pressure steam.

It also looks as if Rossi is pleased with the operation of the ecat. In a response to a series of questions Rossi from long time correspondent Frank Acland revealed that the same reactors have been running for several months. He noted that there has been no need to make major repairs to the reactors.

This is a picture of a one megawatt ecat unit.

Therefore it can be inferred that the ecat is operating at the levels Rossi expected. It also looks like we might know some answers to such questions as if the ecat really works and how it works. More importantly we might actually see the devices being used for industrial purposes.

Rossi is currently taking preorders for ecats. Unfortunately it is not exactly clear what he is taking preorders for. My guess is that those who sign up for the preorders will have the privilege of beta testing an early model ecat in their businesses. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not.

One has to wonder if Rossi has finally been able to get his LENR technology working or not. Either way this is a very exciting announcement that we should pay attention to.