There is apparently a great deal of support for low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research in Russia. A group of scientists in that nation that includes Alexander A. Prosvirov of the VNIIAES research institute is proposing a comprehensive program of research into the effect, e-catworld reported.

The scientist apparently want a state-level research program into LENR in the Russian Federation: they have apparently issued a manifesto that states:

“Objective: To expand in Russia at the state level, full-scale basic research of a new physical phenomenon: nuclear processes in condensed media or low energy nuclear reactions (LENR).”

VNIIES or the All Russia Institute for NPP Operations is a research organization that develops new technologies for Russia’s nuclear industry. It is apparently part of Rosenprogoatom a large Russian utility.

One hopes that this will inspire similar efforts in other countries such as the United States and China. Unfortunately it is not clear how much official support the scientists have or if Russia which is in dire economic straights because of the collapse of oil prices has the resources to conduct such a research effort.

It is not clear if the best known Russian LENR researcher Alexander G. Parkohomov is involved in these efforts are not. Although there are new claims that he has once again successfully replicated Andrea Rossi’s e-cat device and received a coefficient of power of three. Meaning his device generated three times the energy it absorbed.

Alexander A. Prosvirnov

The device also apparently reached temperatures of 1350 Celsius or 2462 degrees Fahrenheit. That sounds as they have replicated Andrea Rossi’s ecat or perhaps even surpassed Mr. Rossi’s work. It also means they are capable of producing steam for the generation of nuclear power if they can build a stable device.

Parkohomov claimed to have replicated Rossi’s work in December 2014, and again in May. A full report on his latest effort is available in an English translation at e-catworld among other things the report by Frank Acland states that the reactor being tested was apparently destroyed in the effort. That could mean it exploded.

It sounds as if we’re going to be getting some interesting surprises in LENR from Russia in the near future. One has to wonder if Parkohomov is not closer to commercializing the technology than Rossi is.