It looks like there will be a trial in the case of Andrea Rossi and Leonardo Corporation vs. Thomas Darden, John T. Vaughn, Industrial Heat, IPH International and Cherokee Investment Partners.

A Joint Pretrial Stipulation filed on May 3, 2017 contains lists of witnesses and lays out exactly who the defendants and plaintiffs are. The plaintiffs are described as Andrea Rossi and Leonardo Corp. Darden and his companies are listed as defendants. Henry Johnnson, J.M. Products Inc., James A. Bass, Fulvio Fabiani and United States Quantum Leap LLC are named as third-party defendants.

Some New Facts about the Rossi Trial come to Light

The stipulation was field in the Miami Division of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. A few other details about the case are available including:

  • J.M. Products was a company formed to use the steam generated by Rossi’s one megawatt ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device.


  • Fulvio Fabiani is the owner of United States Quantum Leap LLC.

  • Fabiani worked as a consult on the e-cat project and was under contract to Industrial Heat.


  • J.M. Products was owned by a company called Platinum American Trust.


  • Johnson had control over Platinum American Trust as a Trustee.


  • The defendants are seeking fines of $7.5 million.

  • The third-party defendants are seeking fines of $500,000.


  • The trial is supposed to last 15 days.


Darden, Vaughn and Rossi will testify

Rossi, Fabriani, Johnson, Vaughn and Darden are on the list of the plaintiff’s witnesses included with the stipulation. One representative of AmpEnergo Inc; Craig Cassarino of Stuebenville, Ohio, is listed as a plaintiff’s witness.

A number of scientists including Dr. Kau-Fui Vincent Wong, Dr. Guiseppe Levi, Dr. Bo Histad, Dr. Roland Petterson, Dr. Hanno Essen,  and Dr. Fabio Penon are listed as witness. James Childress a representative of Boeing Space Research and Technology is listed as a witness. This might verify rumors that the publicly traded American aerospace giant Boeing is involved in the e-cat project.

A representative of Florida Power and Light, the Miami area electric utility is also listed as a potential witness.

If a trial really begins in June it should be an interesting affair, and we may finally see if e-cat actually works. The blogger gives many thanks to Frank Acland of E-cat World for posting the stipulation online.