Andrea Rossi may have demonstrated his E-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology to the US Navy and the head of the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA) in 2011.

At his blog Rossi claimed he demonstrated e-cat at a laboratory in Washington D.C. that was connected with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in summer 2011. The NRL is the U.S. Navy’s main research organization and it has been linked to LENR research in the past.

Here is what Rossi wrote on February 23, 2017:

“Yes, the day you are referring to happened in the summer of 2011, in a Laboratory connected with NRL. I brought there my E-Cat and they mounted it in a rack of theirs to make their calorimetric measurements.”

Rossi was responding to a correspondent named Miguel who had asked if there had been a test at the Naval Research Laboratory in 2010. Miguel claimed that a top level officer at the lab stated he had been impressed by test.

New Energy Times DARPA head Saw E-cat Test

Miguel may have been referring to an email that somebody named Pam Boss sent to John Bockris on June 29, 2011. A copy of the email was obtained by New Energy TimesSteven Krivit. Here is part of what it is says:

“I know that Tony Tether, former head of DARPA, saw a demo, He said if it was a hoax, it was a damn good one. Folks at NRL saw a couple of demos. When they began asking questions, Rossi left in a huff.”

Tony Tehter is apparently Antony J. Tether who served as Director of DARPA from 2001 to 2009. Note Tether was no longer head of DARPA when he saw the 2011 experiment. Tether is reportedly member of the advisory board to Scientific Systems Company a private research organization.

DARPA is the organization that conducts technology research and development for the Pentagon. The technologies it has developed in the past include the internet and global positioning. For a good overview of DARPA and how it works see Annie Jacobsen’s excellent book The Pentagon’s Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America’s Top-Secret Military Research Agency which is available on Amazon.

A June 30, 2011 email from Tether confirms that he saw an ecat test. The email indicates that Tether was not impressed by what he saw.

“I did see the NH experiment which wasn’t one of his best but it went for a long time,” Tether wrote. “The weight of the Hydrogen bottle was being measured and it wasn’t decreasing.  The input power was being measured and it was what he said it was.”

NH apparently refers to the American state of New Hampshire where Rossi lives part time and may have family.

Tether eventually passed on e-cat because Rossi would not consent to extensive testing or reveal how the e-cat works. Note: this might because Rossi does not know how it works. It is not clear if Tether’s examination of e-cat had anything to do with DARPA or not.

These revelations confirm that Rossi has a connection with the U.S. Navy and DARPA but also indicate those organizations may have passed on e-cat, although Rossi may still be working with some Naval Engineers.