Inventor Andrea Rossi is planning a “technological demonstration” of his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device for October. No specific date or location was announced but Rossi is apparently ready to demonstrate the ecat in public.

Here is his reply to an anonymous correspondent at his Journal of Nuclear Physics on July 30, 2017:

“No. It will be a technological demo.

Warm Regards,


The demonstration will apparently involve the creation of heat with an ecat and possibly steam. Rossi did not say whether he would try to generate electricity with a steam turbine during the test.

The most likely location for the test would probably be at Rossi’s research facility in Doral, Florida, a Miami suburb. The reputed address of that facility is 7861 46TH STREET DORAL, FL 33166. The industrial warehouse is the location where Rossi has been doing his ecat work for some time.

Rossi is apparently moving forward with the test now that he has wrapped up his lawsuit against Industrial Heat and Tom Darden. Both Rossi and Darden have apparently agreed to drop the suit and drop all the claims they made with other in a settlement.

Details of the settlement are available at our sister site; Coldfusion3 and at Mats Lewin’s Impossible Invention Blog. Rossi discussed the suit and some of his plans with Lewin in a July 18, interview.

Rossi also claimed that 20 e-cat modules will be tested during the demonstration. The ecat device tested will be a 20 watt module. The inventor has also revealed that he and his team are trying to increase the level of power that will be used in the demonstration.

“Andrea Rossi

July 26, 2017 at 6:38 AM


Today we are making substantial improvements to raise the power of the apparatus that will be presented in the demonstration.

Warm Regards,


It sounds as if we might see an ecat demonstration in October. Hopefully Rossi will be able to demonstrate a working LENR device at that time, the world needs all the power it can get.