Andrea Rossi collaborator and nuclear physics professor Bo Hoistad may have replicated the Italian-American inventor’s ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology, E-Cat World and the Norwegian newspaper Aftenpost are reporting.

Hoistad as you might remember is a Professor at Sweden’s Uppsala University who has taken part in a number of tests of Rossi’s ecat technology. Most recently Hoistad was one of four professors from Uppsala who took part in an experiment that Rossi claimed vindicated the hot ecat technology in October 2015.

Aftenpost reported that Hoistad and his “team” had successfully replicated the E-cat. E-Cat World contradicted that and said Hoistad had not said whether he had replicated the experiment but was instead going to reveal results after some articles would be published in scientific journals. Aftenpost also reported that Hoistad and others are involved in experiments independent of Rossi’s.

An intriguing shot of one of the cargo containers Rossi uses to house ecat, courtesy Aftenposten

That would seem to indicate that Hoistad and others are trying to replicate ecat in Sweden much as Alexander G. Parkohomov has replicated it in Russia and Songsheng Jiang has replicated it in China. Unfortunately neither E Cat World nor Aftenpost revealed who the others were, where the experiment was taking place or who is financing it.

One strong possibility is that the Swedish utility consortium Elforsk AB which has expressed interest in Rossi’s work is financing the research. Another is that it is the Swedish military which is also interested in LENR is involved. In May 2013, it was reported that Elforsk had financed tests of ecat by a group of Swedish professors that included Hanno Essen and Hoistad. Those professors might make up the team trying to replicate ecat.

An undated shot of Rossi and some of his collaborators inspecting ecat, unfortunately the men in the background are not identified, courtesy Aftenposten

Interestingly enough Rossi himself has expressed support for a public demonstration plant for ecat in Sweden. It is unclear if this is an effort to make that vision a reality or if the Swedish/British startup Hydrofusion which has been named as an ecat licensee in the past is involved in the efforts. Hydrofusion’s status is unclear because Rossi has reportedly sold the rights to the ecat technology to the American company Industrial Heat LLC. Sources did not say whether Industrial Heat or its owner Cherokee Partners head Tom Darden were involved in the Swedish tests or not.

Hopefully this will lead to a major ecat research effort at Uppsala Unversity and lead to new breakthroughs in the field. New energy technologies are urgently needed now given threats like global warming. It’s also good to see ecat and LENR getting some major press coverage, Aftenposten is described as the largest daily newspaper in Norway.